The week of March 8th-12th is Education Support Professionals Week! Please join us in recognizing our classified staff by showing your appreciation for Deer Park’s amazing support staff who work each and every day to help us in our mission to improve the lives of ALL the kids we serve.

It’s been said before, but it’s important to say it again – these folks are are the operational backbone of our schools. Fact is, without the work of our support staff, school districts simply wouldn’t function:  Most students would never arrive at school, buildings and facilities wouldn’t be well-maintained and clean, employees wouldn’t receive paychecks, computers wouldn’t get fixed, phones would go unanswered, kids would go without necessary nourishment, and many important and impactful academic interventions would never take place.

Our support professionals were instrumental in helping us serve families last spring when the pandemic forced our schools to suddenly shut our doors. These incredible employees stepped up to prepare grab-and-go meals on a daily basis, they delivered these meals to families throughout our district boundaries, they provided first-responders and health care workers with childcare services, and many reached out and made direct contact with kids and families, working to maintain the connection we’d lost when our schools were shut down.

Whether we’re dealing with the impacts of a global pandemic or working through the day-to-day in more normal times, there’s no doubt that providing students with a safe and productive learning environment is an incredible team effort and our classified staff do an amazing job of keeping our district operating efficiently and safely. Please, don’t let their “behind the scenes” work go unnoticed. Take a moment to thank a classified staff member for the work they do. Deer Park is fortunate to have so many phenomenal education support professionals who help ensure that students are safe, secure, and cared for from the time they leave home in the morning until the end of the day when they return home.

A sincere thank you to all of the professionals that provide support to our schools. You play a critical role in our success as we work together to provide the best educational experience possible for the kids in the Deer Park School District. Please join us in recognizing these dedicated individuals as we celebrate our Education Support Professionals this week!

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