Air quality levels remained at very high hazardous levels throughout the region on Monday. Unfortunately, these unprecedented conditions necessitate that we cancel in-person instruction for another day; thus, all instruction will remain fully-remote on Tuesday, September 15.

Students who are in the gold group and had an in-person day scheduled for Tuesday should check email or Google Classroom (if possible) to figure out what their teacher has planned for the day. In situations where students are without Internet access, we’re asking parents to call the building office to ensure students receive a call from their teacher.

We’ll continue to monitor conditions over the next 24 hours and keep you informed of how we’ll proceed as it relates to in-person instruction. If air quality remains at highly hazardous levels, teachers will continue working to provide learning materials and guidance for distance learning.

Finally, given the prevalence of wildfire smoke in Washinton in years past, the State Dept. of Health has provided schools with the following tool, communicating recommendations for schools in the face of situations where air quality has diminished significantly. Of course, the one key difference is that never before have we also had kids and staff also wearing masks due to a pandemic. We’ll continue to use the tool to guide our thinking and decision-making going forward.



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