When air quality conditions deteriorate significantly , building administrators and nurses work together to ensure kids are kept safe and that we’re following the healthy air recommendations published by the Spokane Clean Air Agency and Washington State Department of Health.

Documents available at the links above share the guidelines and recommendations our schools have used in the past and will continue to use when air quality conditions deteriorate. Of course, when it comes to the specific needs of your own child, please follow the recommendations of your health care professional – especially if you have particular concerns about air quality and your child’s health.

While the “unhealthy” conditions that existed on Monday, Sept. 4th (which caused cancellations of all of the district’s outdoor activities) are expected to improve on Tuesday, we are prepared for these conditions to persist. If air quality remains at unhealthy levels on Tuesday, or returns to these levels at any point during the week, we will keep all students indoors for recess, PE will be conducted indoors, and all athletic events and practices will be canceled or moved indoors.

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