2019-2020 Safety Emphasis

    • Chemicals in classrooms – cleaning products, hand sanitizers & wipes, air fresheners
    • Upholstered furnishings, pillows, stuffed animals, and area rugs in classrooms are prohibited
    • All forms of string lights/hanging lights are prohibited.
    • Extension cords must have a proper covering to avoid creating a trip hazard. Do not daisy-chain power strips/surge suppressors.
    • Flammable materials on walls, ceilings and doorways (see specific guidance below)

Deer Park School District
Health and Safety Reminders

We are responsible for building and maintaining safe and healthy schools. We work with several State and local government agencies that are responsible for enforcement of State and Federal laws and codes. The following guidelines are based on expectations established by the Spokane County Regional Health District and the Spokane County Fire District.

General Guidelines / Expectations regarding School Health and Safety:

Chemicals (Health District/DOH)

  • All chemicals (cleaning products, hand sanitizers, etc) must be in appropriately labeled containers and listed in the District SDS database.
  • Chemicals must be stored in locked or upper cabinets out of reach of children.
  • Use only approved products that have been purchased by your building or the District – do not bring chemicals from home.
  • Air fresheners (solid, spray or diffusers) and candles are not allowed in classrooms.
  • Personal chemicals / items (such as medications) must be kept in a locked cabinet.
  • Only “Purell” hand sanitizer (purchased by the District) may be dispensed to students.
  • Sanitizing wipes are not allowed – use fragrance free baby wipes if needed.
  • Use of bleach in our schools is prohibited.

Electrical Safety (Fire code)

  • Extension cords are not approved for use in schools (use surge suppression plug strips with a breaker instead). Surge suppressors may not be linked.
  • Use of hot plates, coffee makers and hot pots in classrooms is strongly discouraged (scalding hazard).
  • String lights and incandescent bulbs in lamps should not be used in schools.
  • Cables and cords must not pose a tripping hazard.
  • Access to electrical panels must not be blocked.
  • Use of heaters, refrigerators and other small appliances must be approved by the building Principal and the Maintenance department.

Flammable Materials (Fire code)

  • No more than 50% of any wall may be covered with flammable materials (paper, etc).
  • No flammable materials may be placed on or hung from the ceiling (mobiles, etc).
  • No flammable materials may be placed above, beside or on doors and doorframes.
  • Do not store or display flammable materials on top of cabinets or open shelves within 24” of the ceiling.
  • Candles (of any type) are prohibited (except for use in science laboratories).

Exit / Entry Pathways (fire code and ADA code)

  • Doorways must be kept clear of obstructions
    • No obstructions within 48” of the front or back of the door
    • Minimum of 6” clear on the hinge side (front and back)
    • Minimum 12” clear on the lock/latch side (front and back)
  • Maintain adequate (36”) pathways between rows of desks and other furnishings in classrooms and teaching spaces to allow for unimpeded egress.

General Health & Safety Issues (Department of Health/DPSD)

  • Use of upholstered furniture (other than teacher chairs), pillows and stuffed animals in classrooms is prohibited. Use of area rugs is strongly discouraged.
  • Use of “alternative” seating or other furnishings, must be approved by the building principal prior to purchase or use.
  • Animals (including fish) should not be kept in classrooms (safety concerns and allergens). All safety guidelines for animals that visit classrooms must be followed.
  • Plants (real and artificial) and soil should not be kept in classrooms (molds/allergens).
  • Playgrounds must be adequately supervised. Fall zone material must be inspected and maintained on a daily basis. Report damaged or broken equipment to Maintenance.
  • Bookshelves and cabinets over 36” tall must be secured to a wall or other structure to prevent tipping/crushing.
  • Eyewash stations in science labs and shops need to be tested weekly and the results documented.

Please check out the new Health and Safety page on the Deer Park School District website. It will provide you with more information about these topics and links to documents, code references, inspection criteria, checklists and other resources to help you better understand and support school health and safety.

Questions? Please contact Steve Howard 464-5546 or Dru Gibson 464-5545.

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