On February 17th, Deer Park School District, and all of Deer Park, lost a special colleague and friend. Bonnie Remington (Bantis) succumbed to cancer just 5 short months after her diagnosis. Bonnie was truly one of a kind and she will deeply missed.

In 1995, Bonnie was hired to be the principal at Arcadia Elementary. For 21 years, Bonnie served children and families in Deer Park through her enthusiastic leadership at Arcadia Elementary, and more recently at Deer Park Elementary. Just this year, Bonnie had taken on a new role at the district office as a Student Support Coordinator. Always one to encourage, build up, and offer support, Bonnie was a school leader who played a meaningful role in the lives of an entire generation of Deer Park kids! It would seem that her infectious energy and her quick, willing smiles and warm, sincere hugs brightened as many days as has the sun.

On a daily basis, Bonnie demonstrated that at the heart of an educator’s work are the relationships we build. She was committed to connecting with kids, with families, and with her colleagues. Bonnie had a gift for making others feel special and she treated everyone she encountered like an old friend – kids and adults alike felt a sense of warmth and belonging when they were around her. Bonnie always seemed happiest when she was making others smile and laugh! While so many students, parents, and staff members hold tightly to their own special memories of Bonnie, it’s clear that she will be remembered as an ambassador of joy, sharing her humor, her love, and even a song with anyone and everyone she encountered.

In the same way that Bonnie became so special to Deer Park, Deer Park had become a special place to Bonnie; she developed many close friendships in the community and created, as she described it, “truckloads of wonderful memories.” There’s no doubt we will mourn the loss of our colleague and friend for quite some time, but it was Bonnie’s desire that we celebrate her life in an uplifting and joyous manner right here in Deer Park.

Please consider this your invitation to join Bonnie’s family and all of her friends at a Celebration of Life ceremony on Saturday, March 4th, in the Deer Park High School gymnasium at 3:00pm. Of course, everyone who knew Bonnie knows that she loved kids, she loved to laugh, and SHE LOVED PINK! So, please feel free to wear some pink as we gather on the 4th of March to joyously share our love and appreciation as well as our fond memories of Deer Park’s cherished friend.



In lieu of flowers, it is requested that gifts be directed to the Bonnie Remington Memorial Scholarship, set up through Deer Park Dollars for Scholars, an affiliate of the National Scholarship America Program.  In a ceremony held annually in May at Deer Park High School, students are presented with with various post-secondary scholarships (funded by generous Deer Park donors) that benefit deserving Deer Park High School seniors.

There are two ways you can contribute:  If you are planning to attend the Celebration of Life ceremony on March 4th, there will be a table set up at Deer Park High School to accept scholarship contributions. If you are unable to attend, or find it more convenient to contribute from a computer, please use the following link to contribute to the scholarship* (please see note below) – Deer Park Dollars for Scholars:  Bonnie Remington Memorial Scholarship


*NOTE:  In order to ensure that your contribution goes to the Bonnie Remington Memorial Scholarship, be sure to fill in the field at the bottom of the contribution page that says, “Specify a Scholarship Fund” – ideally, you should type in Bonnie Remington Memorial Scholarship, but something as simple as “Bonnie” will do. Thanks so much!


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  • Phyllis Zimmerer

    I was at Arcadia when Bonnie started working for the district, and I worked closely with her for most of 20 years until she moved to the Elementary. She was a wonderful friend, and I loved working with and for her at Arcadia. I will have so many wonderful memories of our time together and of some of the crazy things we did. There was so much shared laughter and good times. She truly loved all of “her kids” both young and old, and never failed to show us that. She will be greatly missed by the community, the schools, and by me and all who knew her.

  • Darlene Strand

    I first met Bonnie at Deer Park Elementary School in the fall of 2015. As a newly retired elementary teacher myself, I really had the need to stay involved with the education of our younger generation. Every morning as I would sign in at the office, there was Bonnie greeting me with that beautiful smile. Her energy level was so contagious, and she always made me feel so welcome in her building. It was as if she had known me for years upon years. I have no doubt that as an administrator she was always very supportive of her staff. It was very obvious as to how she felt about her many students. Almost daily you would find her in the lunchroom greeting the kids as they came in to have their lunch. You also knew how they felt about her with the many big smiles, high fives, and sweet hugs. She always made sure those kids knew just how important they were. Even though I only knew Bonnie for a short amount of time, she left quite an impression on me. She was such a gem and will be sorely missed by all who knew her!

  • Catherine Oviatt

    I worked with Bonnie for 13 years at Arcadia. She was truly one of the warmest, kindest and funniest women I have ever known. She was also an amazing dresser possessing a style that was unmatched by anyone I know. Bonnie cultivated an intention to be positive, to rise above the negative and to be the best possible person she could be. She was all of this due to her beautiful temperament and generous spirit. Bonnie was so fun to hang out with. We shopped together on a few occasions -her favorite activity- and once, while in Coeur d’ Alene we bought matching red shoes. I loved that I had the same shoes as Bonnie as it made me feel some what stylish. I think of her every time I wear them or simply notice them sitting on my closet shelf. I plan to keep these shoes forever to remember my treasured friend and to remind myself that knowing her is something to be grateful for. I was blessed to have know Bonnie and I will miss her.

  • Aly Sanchez

    Bonnie was amazing!

  • Teresa Johnson

    I remember when my oldest daughter first started at Arcadia, Mrs. Bantis made it clear to me that my daughter was her favorite of all the kids. It wasn’t long before I discovered that she felt that way about ALL of our kids, HER kids! She knew us all by name. Bonnie Remington was the “momma” to everyone. We moved away for a while, and before we left, made a point to stop by Deer Park Elementary to say our goodbyes, knowing we may be back eventually. I had no idea that we were saying a final goodbye. She embraced us, like she always had before, and even kissed my daughter and me both on the head. I know all of Deer Park feels a great sadness and loss, as she was a huge part of what kept our community together. Bonnie Remington, you will be forever in the hearts of many families. You have been a blessing in mine and my children’s lives.

  • Cathy Konzal

    I worked with Bonnie for several years when I worked in the Deer Park School District Admin office. She was also the principal for my two boys. We all loved her sense of humor, her words of encouragement and her outgoing personality. We made a friendship connection when we discovered that both her and I were originally from Wyoming. She was born in Big Piney and I was born in Sheridan. We had many wonderful conversations through the years and she always showed her appreciation for the work I did with the school district. She was always very encouraging to me and to my kids. We will forever miss you Bonnie.

  • Leilani M. Bly

    It was my blessing to work in the office at Arcadia for Bonnie. Her love for the students was unprecedented – they were her children. Bonnie knew each and everyone by name and quite often their parents, too. She made each and everyone she met feel welcome and valued. I learned so much from her about interacting with people. Bonnie will forever live in our hearts – she made all of us feel valued and cared about. THANKS for the Memories Bonnie 🙂

  • Lonna Serrin

    I always knew you would find the positive in every situation and brighten any room you walked into. Will miss your hugs and smiles.

  • Joann Wallace

    I worked with Bonnie at Arcadia. I say worked “with” because she always made us feel like we were equals. I called her Mrs. Bing Bling. She had a wonderful sense of style. I loved her flamboyant outfits. She always made me and everyone smile. I miss her alot. She started our meetings always singing some song which made everybody laugh, the meetings were serious but so fun. Then when she went to Deer Park Elementary, I got to see her every day when I picked up my granddaughter. She always met me outside , opened my car door, put her in her car seat, buckled it up and was so loving and caring while telling me some adventure that had happened that day. I miss her, love her, and will never forget her. Joann Wallace

  • Trish

    She certainly lit her smile on fire when she greeted families and made Every. Single. One. feel so important. She’d smile, learn forward and if she didn’t shake hands it was a hug for sure. Patriotic and Family first! Not too proud to make us laugh at any cost. Such an entertainer and positive role model. We all could add a little more ‘Bonnie’ to our spirit. Smile more, judge less and focus on the positive. (Thrust fist to the sky,) Onward and Upward!

  • Tasha Carswell

    She was my principal when I was at Arcadia. Years later she still remembered me by name without hesitation and adored my oldest daughter in first grade. I will truly miss her. She was an inspiration to us all to have a positive outlook on life. I love Miss Bantis she will truly be missed by me and my family. R.I.P

  • Bette Fitzgerald

    I first met Bonnie In Evanston, Wyoming, she was a beautiful and outgoing woman. Known to our family as “Bonnie Weber”, she was adopted into our family. Bonnie was my son’s kindergarten teacher, he loved her. In fact, he looked up at her one day and asked her, “Miss Weber, will you marry me”? Bonnie often stayed with my teenage daughters and my young son when my husband left town. I understand they were all entertained to the max. We loved her, and I personally think of her often. My son just turned 40. I feel we were so blessed to have the time we had with this “incredible woman”.

  • Jamie Bowns

    Bonnie, Miss Weber, was my kindergarten teacher many years ago in Evanston, Wyoming. I remember being a little scared to be at school but she quickly made me feel special and loved. I distinctly remember doing “show & tell” one day and my show & tell was giving her a hug because I loved my teacher so much! And she loved all of us! I loved reading about her life and what an amazing impact she has made on so many people. What a wonderful legacy!

  • Sara lavigne

    She was absolutely nothing shy of incredibly amazing! She was the sunshine in everyones day! The one thing I remember most about her and what comes to my mind when I think of her is her giving a lil kiss on the head of every single child that walked passed her or was within arms reach, telling them, “I LOVE YOU!!!” She will be missed! I am happy to know that I know for sure where I will see her one day! Spread your beautiful angel wings and fly high Angel!

  • Marlene McIntire

    I don’t know how she did it, but Bonnie made everyone feel like they were the most important person in her life. Her smiles and hugs made us feel loved. She always made time for me no matter what was going on. I will miss her so much, but can’t wait for the day when we will meet again.

  • Suzanne Sprecher

    We have always had family and friends in Deer Park. We lived in Deer Park when my son was born, but moved away and then returned the summer before fifth grade. I could tell from the moment that I saw Bonnie that she was an amazing spirit! I met with her just once and instantly felt like I had known her forever and was so comforted by our conversation. Justin graduated from Deer Park in ’15 and is now a Sophomore at WSU. I told him a couple of months ago that Mrs. Bantis was fighting cancer, and I said you remember her right? His response, “Mom, of course I do, she’s Deer Park’s Grandma…” Seriously, what a legacy to leave!!! That is all we can leave….what an inspiration and gift. Thank you Bonnie, you will always be loved!!!

  • Gabe Swett

    Mrs.Remington was a great inspiration in my life and we will miss her, but we all have to remember that she will be in heaven watching over use everyday and night.

  • Meegan Ware

    I will never forget how special she made my Girl Scout Troop feel after they did a flag ceremony at DPE for an assembly. My girls were learning all about the American flag and how to present it, and Bonnie provided them the opportunity to do their flag ceremony for the whole school. Afterward, she sent each of the girls a personalized letter to their home thanking them for their flag ceremony. She made each of the girls feel so important! She was a very caring individual and we will miss her enthusiasm and beautiful smile!

  • Leibrant Family

    I will never forget when my oldest son came home from school and told me he had a secret about his principal. As he went on with his “secret” he explained that he was the principal’s favorite kid in school. I asked how he knew this. His answer was simple and didn’t surprise me in the least. He said “because everyday when I get to school she tells me good morning. She gives me a hug EVERY TIME she is close enough to get me. AND… when she hugs me she tells me I am special and smart.”
    As an adult, it was easy to see she made every kid feel like they were her favorite. I admit, as a parent, I loved her hugs and kisses too! Bonnie had nothing but genuine love for any and all that crossed her path in life.

  • Julia Lockwood

    Principal Remington always created a family! She loved each child and wrapped around each family. We raised two boys and a significant landmark in their tender years was their time with Bonnie. She loved our family and the community which enveloped us. Bonnie could enter a room full of families and with each encounter embraced each and every person. She was a loving soul and gave so much to our community. My family will forever remember and we are so grateful.

  • Cindy Bond

    I miss her smile and the hugs I always received. I loved that she wanted a group picture of her and my army son she had in her school. She always was so loving and cheerful and brightened your day even if it was going badly. I will miss her dearly but will carry her in my heart where ever I go. I love and miss you Bonnie

  • Jeri & Jim McGuire

    Bonnie was our neighbor and was loved by everyone in the neighborhood. When my granddaughter came to stay, she was thrilled that Bonnie had a PINK Hummer! Of course, Bonnie invited her over and let her sit in the car and let me take all kinds of pictures of her in it. Bonnie was always so loving and so funny and so caring. I remember when the neighbors surprised Bonnie and Stan with a surprise wedding reception. I will always have good thoughts in my heart for her. Thought of her a lot through the years and was so saddened when I learned she had the cancer and that it took her way too fast. We love you, Bonnie and we’ll miss you. I am so glad you where a part of my life. Our love and condolences go to Stan–we are all so very sorry. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and that we love you guys. Love, Jeri and Jim McGuire

  • Cindy Elithorp

    After reading so many great comments about Bonnie, I asked myself, what else could I say that hasn’t already been said about this special lady? Bonnie loved all and made everyone feel special! I still vividly remember when I first got hired as a permanent para at Arcadia, after subbing for quite awhile. Bonnie personally came to one of our farmers markets near Deer Park, and offered me the job. Who does that? Bonnie! She became my “boss”, but more importantly, she was my FRIEND! She touched so many lives and will be greatly missed, but never forgotten! ❤

  • Nancy R Bean

    “Bonnie Bantis” as I have always known her. She would never correct me, after she became Remington. I will miss her smile. Bonnie watched my children become adults. Bonnie than became my grandchildren’s friend. Bonnie never forgot any of my children’s names. She would ask me about one of them every single time I saw her. I would get a hug every the time. Bonnie told me, “You are a great mother look at your children!” I will truly miss her. I know she is a special angel now.

  • Debbie Booth

    Bonnie was a remarkable woman. She was so full of life and she was a great asset to the Deer Park school system. She was principal for both of my boys. She will truly be missed. ?

  • Missy

    Even though I only met Ms. Bonnie a few times, she always treated me like she had known me for years. I will miss her smiling face and fabulous personality! I always loved the pink Hummer she drove.

  • Terry Besenyody

    I just know she is kissing and hugging all the other angels in heaven just like she did on earth. RIP special lady. You showed us every day the beauty of your kindness, your love, and your giving spirit.

  • Lyla Rapelje

    I feel so blessed to have worked for such a “special” principal. Bonnie was one of a kind and most vivacious and funny and caring woman I have ever met. All these wonderful memories written about her from parents, students, colleagues, volunteers, and community members demonstrate her uniqueness!! One story I remember is Stepping Stones first family night. We were hosting 500 people and serving the families a free Thanksgiving dinner. Bonnie stepped into the kitchen and worked right beside the cook making a HUGE pot of mashed potatoes ?
    I will dearly miss this sweet lady who made everyone smile and feel so loved. I can even hear the angels in Heaven laughing and see her crown with millions of jewels ?

  • Linda Hjelm

    I knew Bonnie through the Miss Deer Park Program. Her infectious smile, cheerful attitude, and quick-wit as an MC truly helped make the whole program a pleasure to be a part of, and just to simply watch. I am so fortunate to have captured her on film, and will always have those great memories! Heaven has gained a very special angel! You will be sorely missed!

  • Kimberly Guptil

    Bonnie was the most wonderful and caring women I have ever met she was like a mom to me and like a grandma to my children. I remember the time I took a picture of her and my kids and framed it for her she put it on her desk in her office and said that every summer she took it and displayed it in her home to share with her family. She was always greeting me with open arms helped me through rough times in my life blew me kisses when I came to pick the kids up and just always like a teddy bear bear with the big warm hugs I will miss her smile and energy so much! ??

  • Cynthia Hagan

    I am deeply saddened to hear of Bonnie’s passing. From the first moment I met her, her sense of humor and zest for life were infectious. I recall telling her that it would be a dream to someday work with her. I can only imagine the impact she has had on the lives of those who knew her well. She will forever be a reminder to me of the kind of person who lives life to the fullest everyday and leaves a lasting impact on everyone who came in contact with her. I know she did that for me.

  • Angela Duden

    Wow…I was actually just trying to find an old friend (Serena McIntire) and happened across this. I remember Bonnie. I attended Arcadia for 5th and 6th grade (94-96ish…somewhere between there). I remember specifically because I remember coming back from summer break to find out we had a new principal. She always used to sing old songs with me. I remember in her office – she had a large picture of two boys, one black, one white, smiling and hugging. She explained skin color in a way I could understand. One part that stands out in my mind was when I was wearing a black shirt with a picture of a giant yellow bow on it, and she happened across me in the breakfast line, and kids were making fun of it (I was the token poor kid…old clothes, old shoes…I got made fun of A LOT for my clothes). She came up and grabbed my hands, and with the biggest smile, she started singing “Tie the Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree.” She was swinging my arms back and forth and just made me feel so special…which is why I feel like a heel….I was a pretty troubled kid. Got in trouble a lot. But she was always so soft spoken and kind hearted to me. I cant believe she is gone. The world lost a very bright and special light.

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