Deer Park School District provides this information with the purpose of keeping the community and interested stakeholders informed on collective bargaining with district employees represented by labor unions. The Deer Park Education Association (DPEA) is affiliated with the Washington Education Association (WEA) and represents teachers and other certificated positions. The Public School Employees of Washington (PSE) represents other classified positions including bus drivers, cooks, custodians, and paraeducators.

As the district negotiates contracts with each of our collective bargaining units that are ultimately “ratifiable” by the district’s Board of Directors, we seek settlements that:

  • Provide fair, equitable, and regionally competitive compensation.
  • Are fiscally manageable, and threaten neither the short nor long-term financial health of the district.
  • Enhance, and at a minimum not compromise, the educational experience of our students.
  • Will not compromise priorities of the district’s strategic plans, allowing us to maintain positive momentum and continue to advance district/school improvement initiatives.
  • Allow leadership – both district leadership and union leadership – to effectively and efficiently manage the terms of the collective bargaining agreement in a way that helps us care for and educate children.

Information on this webpage serves to provide an overview of negotiations proceedings and an archive of the bargaining teams’ efforts to reach agreement related to the negotiation and renewal of union contracts.

It is our belief that through ongoing communication of factual information related to negotiations we can avoid the spread of misinformation or rumors about proposals exchanged at the table. Through open communication of factual information related to negotiations, we seek to increase transparency of the negotiations process with employees and with the community as those not present at the bargaining table will have access to both union and district proposals.

For Information/Questions

Educational Employment Relations Act

Chapter 41.59 RCW and Chapter 41.56 RCW codify certain rights and obligations of employees working in Washington’s schools, and establishes procedures governing the relationship between such employees and their employers which are designed to meet the special requirements and needs of public employment in education.

Negotiations Updates

Deer Park Education Association

February 28th, 2018:

District representatives met with Deer Park Education Association negotiations team and Uniserv representative from 8:30am to 12:30pm, to discuss structural changes to the contract and to address errors or other items needing “clean up”. It was mutually agreed that a number of changes were necessary or desirable. Some modifications to existing language were necessary based on changes to State law while other changes/tweaks were suggested for the sake of making the contract more accessible for all.

May 21st, 2018:

The district met with DPEA President and Uniserv representative to finalize the structural changes to the DPEA contract (this meeting concluded the “structural change” process initiated in February).

June 11th, 2018:

District representatives (including District negotiations consultant, Warren Hopkins) met with Deer Park Education Association negotiations team and Uniserv representative (Pat Clark) from 8:30am to 11:30am, to discuss initial proposals for the contract expiring Aug. 31, 2018. DPEA proposed numerous changes to existing contract language (see document below). The district did not have proposals or counters at this time. At the conclusion of the meeting, follow-up dates were agreed upon:  July 30, August 21, and August 23.

July 30th, 2018:

DPSD’s bargaining team and the Deer Park Education Association resumed negotiations on July 30th. The District received DPEA’s initial contract proposals on June 11th – those proposals are detailed in the document above (DPEA opening proposal).

The district provided DPEA with counters to a number of their proposals (red and blue text are DPEA proposals – purple text represents DPSD counters).

After working through discussion of proposals/counters, the DPEA presented a salary model proposal, intended to replace Washington’s outgoing salary model (the “Salary Allocation Model,” or SAM, defines base salary for certificated instructional staff). DPEA’s proposed salary model for certificated instructional staff represents a total increase of $3,752,553, which amounts to 40.2%  in new compensation. Respectively, the proposed increase to the existing base contract was $3,382,371, while the increase to supplemental pay (often referred to as TRI money – Time, Responsibility, and Incentive pay) was $370,182. Supplemental pay (TRI pay) in Deer Park is associated with the following categories/activities:

  • “Deemed Done” days =  12
  • Orientation Day (day before students arrive) =  1
  • Room setup/school year prep =  1
  • End of year clean up/tear down =  .5
  • Learning Improvement Days =  2
  • Weekly PLC time =  24 hrs/3.2 days

The district countered DPEA’s salary model proposal with a salary model (DPSD initial SAM proposal) that looked very similar in its structure to the existing model, but represented an increase to base salary of 3.8%. Using this salary model, beginning teachers will see an increase in base compensation from $36,521 to $40,760 and teachers at the top of the scale will increase from $68,836 to $76,825. In this proposal, the base contract remains 180 days and includes the 12 deemed done days (required by law) as well as the 1.5 days associated with classroom setup and teardown, however, the Orientation Day, the two Learning Improvement Days, and the 24 hours of PLC time are left outside the base contract as supplemental pay.

Bargaining will resume on August 21st – both parties will bring counters to proposals on the table. The District will continue to work hard to find common ground, while maintaining its commitment to reaching a settlement that provides fair, equitable, and regionally competitive compensation.


August 21st, 2018:

August 23rd, 2018:

Public School Employees of Washington:  Paraeducators

July 9th, 2018:  District representatives met with the PSE field rep. Kami Hoekema and a team of paraeducators; discussions focused on negotiating the fiscal impact of changes made in the 2018 legislative session. This is the second year of a three-year contract, effective through August 31, 2020.  The District and Paraeducator bargaining team reached an agreement.

  • Initial proposals presented by paraeducators:  July 9, 2018 – Initial PSE (Paraeducator) Proposal
    • The District agreed to/countered with the following:
      • Proposal #1:  Funds allocated in the 2017-2018 school year for paraeducator training were “one-time” monies – this was the original intent in creating an MoU around these funds. The MoU and associated funds have expired. This opportunity for additional training is no longer available. It was noted Paraeducators will have the opportunity to receive 6.5 hours of paid training on August 27, 2018; more detailed information will be provided to paraeducators (about the types of training that will be offered) in the first week of August.
      • Proposal #2:  The district agreed that paraeducators should not have need to spend personal money on work supplies. In order that paraeducators have equitable access to necessary supplies & materials, it was agreed that monies ($500) will be set aside in building budgets for this purpose. More specific language will be (jointly) created to assist with distribution of funds.
      • Proposal #3:  Given that the State’s paraeducator training program is still in development, the district countered by stating that it’s premature to discuss the potential of additional compensation for program completion. That said, the implications of the HB 1115 (Paraeducator Bill) will be a topic of discussion going forward.
      • Proposal #4:  The district countered the PSE proposal of an 8.6% increase with an offer of 4%. It was agreed to move the Family Service Coordinator to a separate line in Schedule “A”. Additional compensation for paraeducators holding degrees received a “no” from the district.
  • 2018 Agreement:  July 9, 2018 – Final Agreement

Public School Employees of Washington:  Bus Drivers, Food Service, Custodians

The PSE contract for drivers, food service, and custodians expires August 31, 2018. July 9th has been chosen as the date to begin negotiations on a new contract.

July 9th, 2018:  District representatives met with the PSE field rep. Kami Hoekema and a team of representing the district’s classified staff serving in transportation, food service, and custodial services; these discussions were focused on negotiating a new contract  This is the second year of a three-year contract, effective through August 31, 2020.  The District and the bargaining team reached an agreement.

  • Initial proposals presented by paraeducators:  July 9, 2018 – Initial PSE (transportation, food service, custodial) Proposal  (see sub-bullets for overview)
    • The District agreed to/countered with the following:
      • Proposal #1:  Agreed to increase time allowed for PSE President’s absence to 15 days.
      • Proposal #2: The District contended the interest of increased input in the hiring process could be accomplished without adding contract language. Head Custodians (or chosen representative) will be invited to participate in interviews with understanding of district’s right to hire and confidentiality in the process.  This will be an automatic reopener in 2019-2020 if PSE 1 still feels the custodians are not able to provide input.
      • Proposal #3:  Agreed to extend overtime allowance to four (4) hours.
      • Proposal #4:  Agreed to contact Assistant Cooks (5 or 6 hours) in other buildings to substitute for Head Cooks if the Assistant Cook (5 or 6 hours) in the building of absence is not available/interested.
      • Proposal #5:  Agreed to increase bereavement leave to 10 days for death in immediate family.
      • Proposal #6:  Agreed to language recognizing employees who take 6 or fewer sick leave days with an additional annual leave day – and increased maximum accumulation from 4 to 5 days. District said “no” to removing the prohibition of taking annual leave during the first or last week of school without Superintendent approval.
      • Proposal #7: Recognizing recruitment/retention needs in tight labor market combined with an increasing minimum wage, the district offered 6% increase across all job classifications.
  • 2018 Agreement:  July 9, 2018 – Final Agreement

Collective Bargaining Agreements