12:00pm – March 3rd:  District administrators continue to work with regional, state, and federal health officials to ensure we have the most up to date and relevant information related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The most recent communication we’ve prepared can be accessed (downloadable .pdf) at the bottom of this page.

There’s plenty of important and helpful information in the letter below; please take a moment to read this communication to families. In addition, what follows are a few quick responses to the questions we’ve received.

  • May families elect to keep their children at home even if they are not sick?  We are advising families to send their children to school. At this time, none of our regional health officials/health departments are recommending that children stay home from school – that is, of course, unless they are sick or are exhibiting symptoms of illness.
  • Is Deer Park School District planning to close schools?  At this time, no. There are no confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in our area. We will continue to work closely with the Spokane Regional Health and the Washington State Dept. of Health and rely on their recommendation to close schools if or when that becomes necessary.
  • When would the Deer Park School District close schools? If a case of COVID-19 is found in our area (in our district), we will follow direction from public health officials, which may include closing schools and canceling activities and sporting events. It is likely, at a minimum, that we would close any affected school for at least one day for a thorough cleaning and disinfection. An affected school would only be re-opened after we are satisfied that it is safe for students and staff to return to school and have received approval/clearance from Spokane Regional Health and Washington State’s Dept. of Health.
  • Is Deer Park planning a “deep cleaning” of school buildings or doing anything “extra” to combat the spread of the virus?  Custodians are indeed increasing time spent on hard surfaces (doorknobs, counters, and desks) using approved chemicals. If we end up dealing with identified cases of the COVID-19 Coronavirus at any point in the future, we have identified appropriate sanitizing products capable of killing coronaviruses. That said, please be reminded that we have not had a confirmed case of the COVID-19 virus in our region and health officials are not recommending any extra-ordinary steps at this time.
  • How can you stay connected (ensure you’ve got the latest information)? All updates from the school district on COVID-19 will be posted to our district website. We will also use SchoolMessegner to send voice updates when necessary as well as the Peachjar flyer distribution platform to share text-based information. Call the main office of the school your child attends to be sure we have your phone number and an up-to-date email address. Guidance is likely to change as this situation evolves, so please know we are committed to providing you with timely updates and information aligned with the best recommendations from our public health authorities.





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