The table below contains the following information:

  • Positive COVID-19 cases within the last 14 days
  • Current number of close contacts that have been quarantined (quarantine decisions are made using guidance from Spokane Regional Health, and occasionally, in conjunction with SHRD).
  • Number of students in a specific building during a regular school day minus the number of close contacts who are in quarantine.
  • When an active case is confirmed, it is added simultaneously to both the “past 14 days” column and the appropriate total cases column depending on where the exposure originated.
    • Cases originating outside of school are confirmed cases with no known exposure in a school building as determined by contact tracing.
    • Cases originating inside of school are confirmed cases where contact tracing determined that exposure and transmission occurred within a school building.

When there’s a positive case in a school, parents/guardians will receive one of two communications that will be sent via email or phone call, depending on their child’s proximity to a person who tested positive: (1) to those identified as a close contact of the person who tested positive, (2) to those within the same classroom but not identified as a close contact of the person who tested positive.