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The table below contains the following information:

  • Positive COVID-19 cases within the last 14 days
  • Current number of close contacts that have been quarantined (quarantine decisions are generally made in consultation with or after receiving guidance from Spokane Regional Health).
  • Number of students/staff in a specific building during a regular school day minus the number of close contacts who are in quarantine.
  • When an active case is confirmed, it is added simultaneously to both the “past 14 days” column and the appropriate total cases column depending on where the exposure originated.
    • Cases originating outside school are confirmed cases with no known exposure in a school building as determined by contact tracing.
    • Cases originating inside school are confirmed cases where contact tracing determined that exposure and transmission occurred within a school building.

When there’s a positive case in a school, parents/guardians will receive one of two communications that will be sent via email or phone call, depending on their child’s proximity to a person who tested positive: (1) to those identified as a close contact of the person who tested positive, (2) to those within the same classroom but not identified as a close contact of the person who tested positive.

Deer Park School District COVID-19 Data

(First day of in-person instruction – Sept. 2  ||  Accurate as of Friday, Nov. 27).

SchoolConfirmed Cases
(past 14 days)
New Close Contact Quarantines (past 14 days)Number of Students/Staff Attending In PersonTotal Cases Originating Outside of SchoolTotal Cases Originating Inside of School
Home Link01132730
ECEAP (Preschool)026640
Deer Park Elementary2837562
Arcadia Elementary28362111
Deer Park Middle School1537570
Deer Park High School21348770
Sum: 7Sum: 47Sum: 1992Sum: 38Sum: 3