Welcome to Deer Park Schools

The Deer Park School District’s Administrative Offices are located inside Deer Park’s original elementary school building seen in the picture at right.  Looking for directions? Need some contact information?  CLICK HERE.

Constructed in 1920, this school building continues to serve the district today; the building was re-dedicated in 2005 as the A.R. Hegre Administration Building, in honor of the man who served as the Deer Park Elementary principal from 1952 – 1975. A significant portion of the building presently functions as the “headquarters” of Deer Park’s parent partnership program (“Home Link”), while a smaller portion of the building serves as home to the school district’s central office administrators, special services department, and district support specialists.

Central Office

Meet the District Office Team

  • Travis W. Hanson
    Travis W. Hanson Superintendent

    Travis has worked in Deer Park Schools since 2005 and was hired as Superintendent in 2013. As District Superintendent, Travis is responsible for administration of the schools under applicable laws, the policies of the Board, and the authority vested in the position by the State of Washington. The Superintendent is hired by, and is directly responsible to, the Board of Directors. Travis provides leadership and supervision for school district administrators and works to ensure the best educational opportunities for all children. Responsibilities include providing long-range vision and strategic leadership for the school district, oversight of the district’s annual budget, supervision of the district’s instructional and non-instructional programs and operations, working with all district personnel, as well as handling community relations. You can reach Travis at (509) 464-5500.

  • Greg Swartz
    Greg Swartz Director of Special Services

    Greg has worked in Deer Park Schools for over 20 years. In 2006, Greg took over as Director of Special Services, a job that sees him develop, plan, and implement program goals and objectives for the district’s Special Services department; perhaps Greg’s most important duty however, is focused on overseeing policies and procedures which ensure quality programs for the special education and at-risk students served in Deer Park Schools. Greg directs and supervises the district’s special education program staff, which includes special education teachers and support staff. Greg also serves as the coordinator for the school district’s nursing services and Title I programs. You can reach Greg at (509) 464-5526.

  • Shauna Ferguson
    Shauna Ferguson Business Manager

    In over 20 years working in the district office, Shauna has assumed a number of roles. Presently, as the district’s business manager, Shauna’s responsibilities include overseeing the daily operations of the school district in regard payroll, investments, financial reports, tax collection, contracts, food service, transportation, state reporting, purchasing of equipment and supplies and all other financial matters. The business manager also assists the Superintendent in the development of the district’s annual budget, oversees the activities related to budgetary revenues and expenditures, and is involved in negotiations with the professional staff and support staff. Shauna can be reached at (509) 464-5506.

  • Jill Christiansen
    Jill Christiansen Director of Human Resources

    After a wealth of previous experience in similar positions in school districts, in the private sector, and as a consultant, Jill joined Deer Park Schools in 2014. As Director of Human Resources, she coordinates and oversees all hiring processes, as well processes for employee resignation, termination, and requests for leave. Additionally, Jill assists in negotiations with certified bargaining units, monitors professional certifications and coordinates the processing of state credentials for professional employees, coordinates federal and state employees reports and surveys, as well as compliance with laws related to Right to Know, Affirmative Action, and employee harassment claims. Finally, Jill leads the development, revision, and enforcement of all personnel policies, regulations, and procedures.

  • Rosanne Ronnfeldt
    Rosanne Ronnfeldt Payroll

    ~  Payroll

    ~  Coordinates benefits administration (health, dental, vision, disability)

    ~  Time sheet processing

    ~  Notary

  • Kayanne Harper

    ~  Provide assistance to the Superintendent

    ~  School Board (provide support to Board of Directors)

    ~  Non-resident process (out of district choice paperwork)

    ~  Volunteer clearance process/Clock hour processing

    ~  Non-district flyer distribution

    ~  Human resources assistant

  • Gloria Hartley

    ~  Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable

    ~ AESOP (substitute scheduling)

    ~  Purchase order processing

    ~  Skyward/email/network account access/Cedars

    ~  Professional fund reimbursement

  • Tricia Butler
    Tricia Butler Special Services Secretary

    ~  Assist Special Services Director Greg Swartz with all-things dealing with special education

    ~  First-aid and general nursing questions

    ~  Homeless (McKinney-Vento)

    ~  General resource for Bilingual Ed (ELL), Title I programs/employees, and Section 504 accommodations


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