DPSD will continue to equip all students at Deer Park Elementary, Arcadia, and Deer Park Middle School with basic school supplies. Aside from a backpack/book bag and a lunch box (as well as any other personal items individual students may need), we are not expecting families to purchase basic school supplies before the start of the school year. As such, school supply lists are no longer published for students in grades K-8.

We’re thrilled to provide this service to our families. While a number of households and students were adversely affected by the pandemic last year, every family is feeling the more recent pinch of significant inflation (inflation rates not seen since the early 1980s) – groceries, gasoline, and clothing have reached all-time highs. With that in mind, providing children with basic school supplies is one more way we can serve families in this community; fact is, in households with multiple school-age children, the costs associated with school supplies can accumulate quickly, not to mention the challenge of going from store to store trying to find specific items!

While all K-8 students will be provided with basic school supplies previously published on supply lists (i.e. – paper, spiral notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, glue/glue sticks, scissors…) there may still be occasions where a project or activity requires something a bit more particular. Individual teachers will reach out directly to parents/guardians when specific items are needed. At the high school level, supplies and materials are often vary by course and teacher, and as such, teachers at DPHS will continue to share required supplies and materials via course syllabi, which are distributed to students at the beginning of each semester.

We’re excited to lighten the load for families in Deer Park, ensuring that every student is equipped with what’s necessary for learning each day. We worked closely with staff in each school to build a complete list of supplies and materials and we’re looking forward to making “back-to-school” a little simpler, a little less stressful, and a little less expensive for our families!

If you have any specific questions about materials or supplies or anything else related to “Back-to-School,” please reach out to the main office of the building your child attends starting on Aug. 17, when school offices open to prepare for the 2022-23 school year.

  • Dave Mcclure

    Thank you! Thank you very much!!

    This is why we live in Deer Park – feels like Real Americans live here!

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