1:45pm – Issues with calls coming into our schools (see information below) have been resolved. Thanks for your patience as we worked through this issue.




12:45pm, Feb, 22 – Schools throughout the district are presently experiencing issues accepting calls coming into the district from phones outside the school district – we are able to place calls between buildings and rooms internally and staff can call out of the district, the problem is only with incoming calls.

District IT staff is presently working with internal communications hardware and with the phone company to isolate and address the issue. For the remainder of the day, if you have an emergency or need to have a message delivered to the school your child attends, please call 276.2872 – we have district staff available at that number to address your need. We ask that you only call that number if you have an important or immediate need and again, that number is 276.2872.

We will post updates to the district website as they become available for the remainder of the day – please check back for new information.

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