A HUGE THANKS TO DEER PARK VOTERS! The Deer Park School District wishes to express sincere thanks for the positive result in the February 13th Special Election – we are truly fortunate to have a community that continues to provide support for quality schools. The local levy dollars collected will continue to play an essential role in our ability to offer great programs – both academic and extra-curricular – to our students. District Superintendent, Travis Hanson said, “I know I speak for the entire district when I express sincere appreciation for the many ways this community steps-up to help us educate kids. The support is critical in helping us achieve our goals and it is not taken for granted.”

The money collected through the Educational Programs and Operations levy allows kids to benefit from a truly comprehensive educational experience here in Deer Park. Many are often surprised at the long list of employees and programs supported by the dollars collected via the local levy. The Educational Programs and Operations levy supports a number of classified and certificated positions district-wide and this revenue also provides necessary funds for the district’s sports programs, co-curricular programs (like music and theater), as well as enhancements like College-in-the-Classroom at DPHS, increased access to 21st Century technology throughout the district, and equipment for school playgrounds. The fact is that while funds from the State provide school districts with a basic level of funding, the actual costs a district incurs on a yearly basis far exceed the amount that State funding provides.

Again, thank you to everyone who voted for this levy measure and to our incredible staff, families, volunteers and other community members who work hard year-round in our schools to help students succeed!

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