All families will receive the following communication in the mail at some point during the week of November 12.

Connecting with families is some of the most important work we do in schools. That said, the “kidmail” system schools have traditionally used (sending flyers home in student backpacks or providing kids with verbal reminders) is inherently unreliable, for all the obvious reasons. Let’s be honest, every parent knows that kids sometimes forget papers in their backpacks, or they don’t remember to share important information about school when they get home. With more effective and convenient tools at our disposal, we can do better – but we need your help.


For years, schools in Deer Park have used SchoolMessenger to send voice messages and emails about school events, delays and cancellations, emergencies, and other general updates. SchoolMessenger has become a trusted and valued tool for school-to-home communication. That said, a recent audit of our call logs showed that 9% of the phone numbers called by SchoolMessenger were reported as being either disconnected or “unknown.” As it pertains to email, 26% of parents/guardians haven’t provided their child’s school with an email address. This is where you can help.

Contact information used by SchoolMessenger comes directly from the district’s student information system, Skyward. Building secretaries enter contact information when students register for school, but after initial registration, families can use Skyward Family Access to update personal contact information.

  • Click the following link to log into Skyward Family Access (each building website also has links to Family Access). Once you’ve logged in, click on the Skylert tab in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen to verify and/or update your family’s contact information or even change where you receive school alerts. Using Skylert, you can choose to receive alerts at additional phone numbers and you can also verify, update, and/or add an email address.
  • As always, contact information can be verified or updated by calling the main office of the school your child attends; our building secretaries would be happy to help!
  • SchoolMessenger has a new phone app and web-service to enhance school-to-home communication. If you have an email address on file with the district, you can use these tools to control contact preferences and access all the communications sent to you from our schools – but again, in order to login to the SchoolMessenger tools you must first provide the district with an email address, as your email address serves as your SchoolMessenger username. Using your iOS or Android device you can download and install the SchoolMessenger app on your smartphone. Alternately, you can open a web browser from any computer and visit the following URL: By using the email address you provided to the district as your username, you can log into the SchoolMessenger app. Once logged into the SchoolMessenger Infocenter on your phone or computer, you’ll be able to listen to and read previous school communications and you’ll also be able to customize your contact preferences – one more tool for you to control how you receive important communication from our schools.

Should you have any trouble logging into SchoolMessenger, please call the main office of the school where your child attends and building secretaries will be happy to verify your username (email address). One final important note: The sync process between Skyward and SchoolMessenger happens once every 24 hours; you will need to wait 24 hours before logging into SchoolMessenger after adding a new email address into Skyward.

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