In addition to connecting with families about school-specific events and updates, Deer Park’s Board of Directors has long recognized that non-profit and community-based organizations occasionally wish to use schools to distribute informational flyers that are non-curricular but that have social, recreational, or educational value for students. It has always been the case that registered non-profit groups or other community organizations wishing to distribute information to families must first submit a statement of the social, recreational, or educational value the program provides in order to obtain approval for distribution from the superintendent.

Our schools have traditionally used the “kidmail” system to get materials from school to home, and we all know that getting kids to deliver flyers and messages is an inherently unreliable approach. As part of the district’s efforts to streamline school-to-home communication, be environmentally friendly, and embrace the convenience that digital solutions offer, Deer Park has partnered with an e-flyer distribution service called Peachjar.

Peachjar is digital platform used by schools throughout the nation, allowing non-profit, charitable, civic, and school-based organizations to distribute information to the school community via email. Once approved by district, the Peachjar platform can reliably deliver flyers to the inboxes of families, while simultaneously posting the flyers to the respective building website(s). You can find links to Peachjar eFlyers in the Parent menu at the top of each building’s website and Peachjar eFlyer buttons toward the bottom of each building’s webpage.

Here’s the best part:  Other than ensuring you have a home email address associated with your enrolled child(ren), you don’t have to do a thing! As has always been the case, please be assured that email addresses will never be shared with the organizations or agencies using the platform to deliver information. While organizations outside the district can create and submit flyers for review using the Peachjar platform, they cannot see parent contact information or send flyers – these functions are reserved for school personnel only. Of course, you’ll be able to opt-out at any time should you decide you do not want to receive informational flyers from the district.

Soon, every family with an email address in Skyward will receive a welcome message from Peachjar. From that point forward, schools in Deer Park will use the Peachjar platform to share materials that may be of interest to your student(s) and/or family. For the 2019-20 school year, we plan to allow outside organizations to submit a limited number of paper flyers to ou schools while we work with families to ensure they have an email address in Skyward.

We believe this represents a step forward in how we communicate with you and we’re excited to get started. Again, if you have any questions, please reach out to our district office or the main office where your students are enrolled. Our building secretaries are amazing and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks so much for your ongoing partnership – we are incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful community support!


Looking for flyer distribution guildelines?  CLICK HERE

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