Technology Support Information

Got questions? Need some help? Your first option should be the  TECHNOLOGY HELP DESK or the MAINTENANCE HELP DESK  you can submit any of your general maintenance or technology support needs using the ticketing system. If you need more immediate assistance or aren’t even sure how to properly explain your issue in the Help Desk, here are a few numbers you can try:

Help Desk:  H-E-L-P (4357)

Ross Rother (IT Director):  464.5566

Steve Krause (Network Manager):  464.5567

Ted Brown (IT Specialist/DPHS Theater Manager):  468.3516

Isaac Stevens (Support Technician):  464.5568

Frustrated by the speed of your Internet? Upset that we block many of the popular online streaming services? Take a moment to learn a little about “bandwidth” and Deer Park’s connection to the Internet by clicking the following link – UNDERSTANDING BANDWIDTH

Technology FAQ

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