Technology Support Information

Got questions? Need some help? Your first option should be the  TECHNOLOGY HELP DESK or the MAINTENANCE HELP DESK  you can submit any of your general maintenance or technology support needs using the ticketing system. If you need more immediate assistance or aren’t even sure how to properly explain your issue in the Help Desk, here are a few numbers you can try:

Help Desk:  H-E-L-P (4357)

Steve Krause (Network Manager):  464.5567

Melissa VandenDriessche (IT Specialist):  464.5566

Ted Brown (IT Specialist/DPHS Theater Manager):  468.3516

Jarrett Futch (Support Technician):  464.5568

Frustrated by the speed of your Internet? Upset that we block many of the popular online streaming services? Take a moment to learn a little about “bandwidth” and Deer Park’s connection to the Internet by clicking the following link – UNDERSTANDING BANDWIDTH

Technology FAQ

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Purchasing Windows Workstations

All purchases are handled through the district IT department with Ted Brown as the purchasing coordinator.  When wanting to order technology, contact your supervisor or principle then log into the IT Help Desk system, enter a ticket for a purchase request.  Ted will then confirm, clarify, make suggestions, and process the order.  When the item arrives, it will be processed by IT and installed in the desired location.

When it comes to the purchase of Windows workstations, buildings have two choices. Workstations for “general use” (i.e. – classroom use, labs, or other “non-specific” uses) can be ordered for a fraction of the cost.

At the beginning of each school year, the IT Dept. will assist buildings with purchase of “yearly update” workstations from School Tech Supply. These work stations will be charged to the building Tech Budget. These refurbished workstations provide excellent functionality for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.

Through out the year the IT Dept. will assist buildings with the purchase of any replacement workstations and charge them to the building Tech Budget.

Any time an additional staff member is hired (beginning or during the school year) the IT Dept. will assist buildings with the purchase of a work station and charge them to the District Tech Budget.

If a someone has the need for a higher end workstation or perhaps a notebook computer, we are ordering all new technology from Dell, using Deer Park’s Premier account. Technology coordinators and the guys in the IT Dept. have access to the Dell Premier site.

What vendors should I use for computers, peripherals and parts?

Deer Park School District has arrangements with several vendors for purchasing technology hardware. Ted Brown has been assigned as the account representative manager to our District. The commonly ordered hardware items are listed below, other hardware can be ordered as needed but will need to go through a review process in order to be in compliance with district requirements. If you do not know what the hardware is that you want, please contact Ted Brown and he work with you to will find the hardware you want. The IT department will determine if the hardware you are requesting is comparable with the district specification.


Desktop computers:

Dell, Inc.

Apple, Inc.

HP (Chrome devices)


Mobile devices:

Apple, Inc. – iPad



Purchasing Apple Hardware

Apple hardware can be purchased via the IT Dept.  All Apple products must purchased through Apple’s Education purchase program.  For purchasing, contact Ted Brown

Any Apple product purchase outside of the district purchasing system cannot be managed by the district and will not be supported.

This does not affect devices that are used for personal access otherwise known as BYOD (bring your own device).

Using the App Store for Purchasing

The Apple App store is managed by the IT Dept via our Jamf management system.  Please contact the IT Dept via email at for more information.

Purchasing Chromebooks

So, you want to order more Chromebooks for your building? Chromebooks should be ordered through Ted Brown in the IT Help Desk. In order for the Chromebooks to be used in our domain, we must purchase a “management license” for each device; this is a one time cost of $30 that is paid at the time of initial order.

Microsoft Office

At this time, all Deer Park School District employees and students have access to Microsoft Office 2016 via the Office365.

Click here to access the Office365 portal and use your district email and password to sign in.  When you land on the portal access page, you will see the applications you can download and use.  There is a total of 5 licenses available for each assigned user. These licenses can be used on any computer, pc or mac, that the assigned user accesses.  REMEMBER:  When the assigned user leaves the Deer Park School District, the 5 assigned license will be revoked and access will no longer be available.

Projector Lamps

The model number of your projector will make a difference as to the type of lamp that will be used. It’s more than likely your projector is one of the following models:

  • Epson 83 (and 83+) – most of the classroom projectors at DPE, Arcadia, and DPMS
  • Epson 84 – most of the classroom projectors at DPHS
  • Epson 93 (and 93+) – a few projectors throughout the district

Prior to obtaining a replacement lamp, please identify the model of your projector. Projector lamps are often ordered in bulk at the beginning of the year and are stocked in the school offices. Check with your building secretary for location of the spare lamps. Be sure to consult your tech coordinator or someone in the IT dept. for help installing your new lamp.

If you need to place an order for a lamp, please contact Ted Brown via the IT Help Desk for purchase.

Access to Network Files via Mac OS X

Many of our Mac OS X devices are automatically mapped to the user’s network folder using a piece of software we install called “ADmit Mac” which allows the Mac computers to easily access our Active Directory network folders. This category is under construction. It will eventually provide more guidance related to accessing your network files from Mac OS X.

Logging into a Chromebook

The Chromebooks can be used as Internet access devices by logging in with your username of your District email address ( and email password. 

Epson LCD Projectors

This category is under construction. It will eventually provide guidance related to the Epson LCD Projectors.

How do I log into my online programs like iReady, Fitnessgram, Springboard, etc.?

Click Here for more information about online programs, assistance issues, and links.