A quick note of explanation related to the decision to continue normal school operations on February 15th:  The timing of the weather event on the morning of the 15th could not have occurred at a more inopportune time. District officials normally monitor road conditions beginning at 4:30am and up until busses depart around 6:45am; at that time freezing rain had not yet arrived in the Deer Park area and the roads were generally dry. Busses were released for their morning routes at 6:45am.

The freezing rain event we saw this morning hit the Deer Park area a bit after 7:00am, well after busses had departed for their morning routes (and at a time when kids are headed outside to wait for pick-up). Given that buses are out on the roads and many students are headed toward their bus stop, it’s almost impossible to call a late start after 7:00am. While a late start would have allowed time for the freezing rain to stop and for temperatures to rise in order to melt the thin layer of ice on the roads, the timing of the weather was such that mass notification would have been incredibly chaotic and may have left many students waiting out on the roads in the freezing rain.

In these types of events, where conditions deteriorate quickly and mass notification is ineffective, please know that you can keep your student home for a couple hours, or for the day, and the absence will be excused; please just remember to call the attendance office of the school where your child(ren) attend.

  • Nichole

    You guys are doing a great job of keeping everyone up to date on information. Keep up the good work everyone, we appreciate your great effort to keep our children safe.

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