The Processes Prior to Interviews

Authorization Approval Announcement Closing Screening
Request Authorization to Hire
Fill out and submit form to HR for signatures from both Business Manager and Superintendent. Position will not be posted until approval is granted (that is, until documents have been signed).

Central Office Approval
After the position has received Superintendent and Business Manager approval, a thorough position description should be forwarded to HR so that a formal position announcement can be posted (see Step 3 for the posting template).
Position Opening Accouncement
Use the template to provide details about the position qualifications. Make sure to be as specific and as detailed necessary! Work with HR in regard to closing dates.

Position Closes
Position Closing Date Approaches: Files are updated and made available for screening at District Office.
Application Screening
Screening team is formed, files screened by committee (using attached screening template), and candidates are selected for interviews.

From the Interview Going Forward

Interview Selection Personnel Record Orientation Start Date
Interviews and Reference Checks
Once candidate interviews have been completed, use the forms below to complete reference checks on selected the selected candidate(s). THIS IS A VITAL STEP IN THE PROCESS AND SHOULD NOT BE SKIPPED.

Selection of Candidate
After interviews and reference checks, the Personnel Selection Recommendation Form (below) must be filled out and submitted. DO NOT CALL CANDIDATES UNTIL THIS FORM HAS BEEN SIGNED. Once you've signed and submitted this form to HR, you receive a call when the candidate has been approved for hire.

Begin Personnel Record Creation
When a candidate has accepted a job offer, be sure to fill out the Personnel Record (below) and submit the form to HR. This form will start the new employee creation process - please tell the employee to expect a call from HR to schedule an orientation date. The sooner your Personnel Record is submitted the quicker the call will be made for orientation.

Employee Orientation at District Office
Employee Reports for WorK!