The week of May 4th is Teacher Appreciation Week. Each spring, we get this opportunity to recognize and say a heartfelt “Thank You!” to the dedicated teachers in our schools who work to educate and inspire children. With the doors to schools closed this spring, and school-age children forced to attempt to continue their learning from home, the important work our teachers do each day has never been more evident. We are fortunate to have a fantastic team of professionals who work both individually and collaboratively to improve their practice, ultimately creating impactful educational environments for kids. In what is a challenging time for our students and families, teachers in Deer Park are rising to the challenge!

We all understand that teachers have incredible power as mentors in the lives of our kids. Mentors serve as models for us, but in this case, we’re not talking about teachers as models of good teaching. The true power of teaching is in the capacity to stir something within others, and it’s something we reclaim years later by recalling the impact our teachers had on us during our formative years. Just about every adult can think back to a teacher, or perhaps a number of teachers that inspired them, providing guidance and igniting a desire to learn and to aspire. It’s with this in mind that we celebrate our teachers – important people who helped us discover new things, and in many cases, helped us believe in ourselves.

We sometimes forget how important and meaningful a sincere “thank you” can be; each year, this week provides us with an opportunity to make sure our teachers know how much we appreciate their work and dedication. Please take a moment to reach out and say thanks to a teacher that’s made a difference in your life, or in the life of your child. On behalf of Deer Park’s Board of Directors and with deep personal conviction, I would like to thank and commend teachers in our schools for their efforts and their commitment to our students. I’ve spoken with so many of our teachers who miss your children and look forward to seeing classrooms full of kids in the fall. Even amidst the present circumstances, children in Deer Park will continue to thrive and will be equipped for success because of the way our teachers are reaching out from their homes – via phone, via email, and via video calls. What a pleasure to honor our teachers this week!




Travis W. Hanson | Superintendent

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