Winter weather is here for the next couple months so we’d like to remind everyone that with the snow and cold temperatures comes the need to send your children to school prepared for cold temps and snowy weather. Each year DPSD runs a winter clothing drive and collects coats, hats, mittens, and boots for kids of all ages. If your child has a need for some winter wear, please be sure to connect with the counselor at your child’s school – they will be happy to try and locate the right piece of winter wear in the right size.

Obviously, living in the Pacific Northwest means that weather conditions may change daily. In the event that inclement weather should necessitate a delay in the start of school or the closing of all schools, we will continue to use our website and the SchoolMessenger calling system to quickly and conveniently share information with all families; of course, we will continue to inform local news agencies so that TV stations are able to broadcast accurate information. Again, we will work hard to keep the district website updated with up to the minute weather related announcements – please check back regularly when conditions are poor (don’t forget to use that “refresh” button to make sure you’re getting the latest information!).

Students who walk to school or wait at school bus stops should be dressed appropriately for cold temperatures and snowy conditions. If you have particular concerns regarding your child’s safety getting to or from school, please call the DPSD Transportation Dept. at 464-5530. Proper outerwear should include boots, hats, gloves or mittens, a warm coat and possibly even snow pants.

Please remember that as icy and/or snowy conditions hit us this winter, motorists should use extra precaution when following or approaching a school bus – as we know, school buses make frequent stops as they load and unload students. Remember that laws require motorists to stop when the school bus stop arm is extended and red lights are flashing.  Also, please be extra careful when driving near schools or when dropping off or picking up your child. We want everyone to be safe on the slick and icy roads!




(click the link above for additional information about delays, closures, and inclement weather procedures)