Deputy Mosher

In collaboration with the City of Deer Park and Spokane County, Deer Park School District is excited to restore the School Resource Deputy position in the 2014-15 school year – we welcome Deputy Kevin Mosher to our district and to the City of Deer Park. Given the high-profile incidents surrounding school safety around the nation, the school resource officer program continues to gain support and popularity in school districts. In the most simple terms, a school resource officer in Deer Park operates much like the police chief of a small town with a population of a couple thousand 5 to 18 year olds – with about 400 adults in the mix. In more specific terms, a resource officer does a good deal of the following on a daily basis:

  1. Provides law enforcement services to the schools, school grounds, and areas adjacent to the school. Investigate allegations of criminal incidents per department policies and procedures while also enforcing state and local laws and ordinances. The SRD also works with school administrators to make appropriate referrals to juvenile authorities or other governmental agencies.
  2. Works to prevent delinquency through close contact and positive relationships with students and staff; by maintaining close partnerships with school staff and administrators, the SRD helps to provide for a safer school environment.
  3. The SRD assists school administrators by being present during school searches, which may involve weapons, controlled dangerous substances or in such cases that, the student’s emotional state may present a risk to the administrator. Finally, the SRD assists school administrators in emergency crisis planning and building security matters.
  4. Maintains a visible presence within the school community, attending, and participating in school functions. Builds working relationships with the school’s staff as well as with student and parent groups.
  5. Implements opportunities to educate kids about rights and responsibilities in support of the educational efforts of the faculty. Works closely with teachers in designing and presenting law-related topics and the role of police in our society. Promotes the law enforcement profession as a positive role model for students.
  6. Works with guidance counselors and other student support staff to assist students and to provide services to students involved in situations where referrals to service agencies are necessary. Provides assistance in conflict resolution efforts district-wide.
  7. Initiates interaction with students in the classroom and general areas of the school building. Increase the visibility and accessibility of police to the school community.

Deputy Mosher has many years of experience in law enforcement, most recently he spending 7 years in traffic enforcement. Deputy Mosher chose to work in this new role because he is interested in being a positive influence in the lives of kids and helping Deer Park Schools create a safe learning environment for everyone. With that said, Deputy Mosher enters into the position with the understanding that a high percentage of his time will be spent in relationship building, education, casual counseling, as well as helping students struggling with harassment and drug issues. Deer Park Superintendent Travis Hanson said, “Not only are we are excited to restore Deer Park’s School Resource Deputy position, we’re excited to have an experienced and committed law enforcement professional like Deputy Mosher as our partner. He is committed to making a difference in the lives of kids and working with the families in the Deer Park School District.”