Each January we get a chance to express appreciation for the work of our Board of Directors. January is School Board Recognition Month and we would like to say a heartfelt “thank you” to our school board for their time and service in support of public education in this community. A school district’s Board of Directors plays a vital role in district governance and they devote numerous hours making difficult decisions in what is a non-paid (elected) public service position. They are friends, neighbors, community members, and parents at your schools who are the voice for the community in important public school decisions. School Board members see that your concerns are heard and ensure the unique challenges, qualities, culture and circumstances of the community are reflected in how your children are educated.  The job of these 5 individuals is complex and challenging, requiring dedication and commitment to the education of ALL children.

Without a doubt, it takes a lot of dedicated individuals to successfully run a school district, including teachers, administrators, bus drivers, food service workers, maintenance staff, secretaries and aides, to name a just a few. In January, however, we ask everyone in the schools and in the community to take time to seek out and thank a school director for the time and effort they put into your schools. Thank them for the long hours spent at meetings, for reading through pages upon pages of policies and procedures, and for working hard to select and evaluate district leadership.  Thank them for making difficult decisions on your behalf.  Thank them for listening to your concerns and seeking your input. Thank them for dedicating their time to ensuring that your schools work to serve every child, each and every day.

Deer Park’s Board of Directors:

Area 1:  Greg Schuler

Area 2:  Brad Erickson

Area 3:  Joanne Greer

Area 4:  Carri Breckner

Area 5:  Eric Keller