The Deer Park School District is seeking interested applicants to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors created by the resignation of Lisa Jordan, Director in District #2. Mrs. Jordan’s four year term will expire in November 2017; the Board will appoint a director to serve the remaining two years. Again, applicants interested in serving the unexpired two-years of the term must reside in Director District #2. Upon the expiration of the appointment in 2017, the director seat will be up for election in the general election – the appointed candidate will have the option to seek election and serve an additional four year term. COMPLETED APPLICATIONS ARE DUE OCT. 9TH.

A static map of Director District #2 is available using the following link – Director District #2. For reference, a map with all Director District’s can be located HERE. Should a more detailed map of district #2 be necessary, please use Spokane County’s SCOUT mapping tool, available at Alternately, should you have questions about whether your address resides within Director District #2, feel free to call Superintendent Travis Hanson, or Gloria Hartley at 464-5500.

Per Board Policy and Procedure 1115, the vacancy will be filled through an application and selection process (pursuant to RCW 28A.343.370 and 42.30.110). Information about the selection process, including all necessary paperwork, can be dowloaded using the following link:  Deer Park School District Board Vacancy Selection Packet.  Remaining school board members will review materials submitted and conduct interviews with applicants; if you are interested in the vacant seat and have questions, please feel free to call Superintendent Travis Hanson, or Assistant to the Superintendent Gloria Hartley, at 464.5500.

Completed materials should be delivered to:
Deer Park School District
Superintendent – Travis W. Hanson
PO Box 490
Deer Park, WA  99006