Just a friendly reminder that all schools in the Deer Park School District will be closed on Friday, May 25th. Each year when the board adopts a new school calendar, a “contingency day” is built-in to use in the event of a school day missed to severe weather or any other unforeseen circumstance. Even though the 2017-18 winter was fairly long and saw the district call a number of late starts due to significant snow and ice, we were not forced to close schools on any day. With that being the case, and seeing that didn’t experience any other unforeseen event forcing closure (like the destructive fall windstorm a couple years ago), there will be no school on May 25th!

As codified by Washington’s State Board of Education (more information HERE), public school calendars in Washington State must meet the 180 minimum school day requirement, unless special waivers are applied for and granted. Additionally, as of the 2015-16 school year, the State Board stipulates that schools must offer instructional hour offerings of at least 1,080 hours in grades nine through 12, and at least a district-wide average 1,000 hours in grades one through eight. The district calculation for compliance may be made as a district-wide annual average over grades one through 12 – this equates to a district-wide annual average 1,027 instructional hours.

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