Deer Park Schools Bond For Our Future

Bonds are for building! Why do we need a replacement bond measure and what are the projects that will be accomplished with the bond? Take a virtual trip through our Transportation Facility and hear from our bus drivers! Students also see visual conceptual renderings of a new school - see their reactions! CLICK HERE

Levies are for learning! How does the replacement levy support our students? Sam discovers how levies directly support students. Watch how Sam learns what a levy is. CLICK HERE

Planning for our Future

Planning for Deer Park’s future and growth:

  • We want to ensure all students are provided with safe learning spaces

  • Our schools are our community

  • Our District has an interest in protecting our current investments

  • Our District strives to maintain the values of our community

Deer Park community approved the Deer Park High School Bond in 2008.

Deer Park voters approved the bond in 2009 for the renovation of Deer Park High School. Back in 2008, when the bond was approved, in 2009, the tax rate was $2.74, and in 2013 reached $3.18, yet today, our bond rate has dropped to $1.70. This rate is expected to continue to drop when we run a bond in 2024, projected to be at a rate of $1.67 per $1,000 of assessed property value. Deer Park High School’s bonds will be paid off in December 2024 and December 2025. Based on the growth and needs of the schools, Deer Park School District will be seeking a replacement bond in the upcoming elections, in February 2024. 

Deer Park School District thanks the community and tax payers for the new Deer Park High School!

View Deer Park's Informational Flyer HERE.

Facilities Advisory Committee Recommends Priorities

The Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC), comprised of community members, business owners, and education personnel analyzed the growth in Deer Park. Their goal was to ensure the District remains good stewards of our taxpayer dollars while also meeting the needs of the growing community and students. 

The FAC analyzed the growth and evaluated the needs of the facilities in our schools. They conducted site visits, analyzed data from geographers and demographers, and learned about tax rates over time. They identified the following priorities and presented them the Board of Directors in January 2023.

Facilities Advisory Committee recommended the following priorities: New Elementary School (grades 2-5), space for Home Link growth, integrating ECEAP/pre-school with Deer Park Elementary (DPE), renovating remaining Deer Park Middle School (DPMS), and rebuilding the Transportation Center.

We asked you as our community for feedback! Here is what you said:

We need to plan for the growth that is coming to Deer Park. We need more room and I like the options they have put together. Safety and security for students and staff is critical. There is little doubt that great schools enhance the quality of education AND the value of everyone's home.

We support the 3rd option to upgrade all facilities and provide the best education and safety for our kids. Maximize state matching funds. We would be smart to pass this bond and capture the state matching funds now.

Demographers, geographers, and public analysts anticipate significant growth in Deer Park schools!

grade group forecasts

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Deer Park High School

What will the projected tax rate be?

EP&O and Bond - 10 Year Rates

epo bond 10 years

When school districts run a bond and a levy, we ask for a fixed/flat rate. The total share is based on a variety of factors including growth, assessed value, and other factors. The local (school district) tax rates in Deer Park School District have actually decreased over time. The measures on the February 14, 2024 ballot are projected to return to rates similar to 2022. Please see below to view the rates for the past 10 years in Deer Park (tan is Bond, green is EP&O).

The last bond for the new high school was passed in 2008. This bond will be paid off. Thank you, Deer Park Community! The District is seeking a new bond in February 2024 to meet the needs of our students, staff, and community based on continued growth.

Board Passes a Resolution for 2 Ballot Measures

At the September 25 board meeting, the Deer Park School Board approved a resolution to place two funding measures on the February 13, 2024 ballot.

These funding measures would continue our work to make sure every student has access to the programs and learning space that help them thrive.

The two funding measures that will be on the February 13, 2024 ballot are:

  • Renewal of our Educational Programs and Operations Renewal (EP&O) Levy to continue funding for day-to-day operations in our schools, including athletics, music, and all extracurricular activities; textbooks and materials; safety and security;  STEM; and staffing that is not funded by the state (nurses, custodians, maintenance, and technology). This is a replacement of our three-year levy that must be renewed by voters.

  •  Bond Election to address our highest facilities needs and our growing enrollment. Funds from the bond would be used to build a new elementary school to serve grades 2-5, renovate Arcadia to accommodate Home Link and their growing number of families, renovate/modernize Deer Park Middle School, and to replace the transportation building. The School Board determined that these projects are necessary to relieve overcrowding and provide safe, modern facilities to enhance the student learning environment.

Bond and Levy: What is the Difference?


Levy = Learning. Why Do We Need Levies?

Local levies provide funding for essential education programs, operations, staff and opportunities for students that are not funded by the state. The EP&O Renewal Levy fuels our ability to provide students with ongoing opportunities. 

  • Deer Park is up for renewal in 2024

  • District maximizes state equalization dollars if EP&O rate remains at $1.50

State funds v. Total District Cost

State funds allocated to districts are limited. Local (levy) monies support staffing unfunded by the state, all extracurricular activities, nurses, safety & security (staffing & equipment), class size reduction, textbooks, cleaning supplies, internet, water, electricity, etc. Please see below for an example of the higher-cost items.


State Funds

Total District Cost

EP&O Levy Provides

Teachers (Cert staff)




Student extracurricular activities (athletics, sports, drama, etc.)




Facilities, Maintenance, & Grounds staffing








Technology staffing





Bond - Buildings

Bonds provide funds for activities such as the design, construction, and renovation of school facilities, as well as infrastructure and technology improvements. In 2008, Deer Park patrons approved a bond measure to renovate Deer Park High School. Bonds can not be used to operate schools or fund educational programs. The Deer Park High School bond will be paid off in December 2024 and December 2025.

Projected Cost of Facilities: Approximately $23,000.000 in state matching funds!

  • Deer Park Elementary School → Serve Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade 

  • Transportation Facility→ approx. $6 million

  • Road Infrastructure → approx. $4 million

  • New elementary school → Serve grades 2-5 (approx. $44 mill local + approx. $5 mill state match) → approx. $49 million

  • Current Arcadia →  Renovate for Home Link students and families (no changes to Clayton); ($4 mill local, approx. $9 mill state match) approx. $13 million

  • Deer Park Middle School → Renovation & modernization ($4 mill local, approx $9 mill state match) approx. $13 million

  • DPHS → Ball fields/Athletic Complex & new DPE roof* (approx. $4 million)

  • Deer Park District Office → will continue to serve at the District Administration Office, Special Services, & Technology (no renovations/changes made)

*Varsity Softball Field and Bleachers/Press Box, & DPE roof will be accomplished through existing capital funds and without asking for additional taxpayer funds

Financial Planning:

The District is able to accomplish the following projects without asking for additional monies through fiscally conservative and responsible planning (scroll to the bottom for conceptual renderings of the athletic complex):

  • Deer Park Middle School Phases I, II & III

  • Deer Park Elementary roof (currently in progress)

  • V Girls Softball Field (currently in progress) - See below

  • Bleachers/press box (currently in progress) - See below

What will new buildings provide for students?

The projects will provide:

  • Increased safety and security for students and staff

  • Space to maintain smaller class sizes

  • Reduce overcrowding

  • Increased technology and access

  • Improve HVAC systems

New Elementary School, Grades 2-5

Arcadia Elementary

Arcadia currently serves grades 3-5. Arcadia is out of space and unable to accommodate the current student population in the building, much less accommodate for growth. We currently house 3 portables, equating to 6 classrooms that are located outside of the main building. Students and teachers enter/exit the main building to and from their portables multiple times and throughout the day.  Additionally, the cafeteria was converted into a classroom and the gym serves as a cafeteria. This limits gym and PE space. Some of the closets have been converted into small offices. This year, we have a teacher teaching on a cart, meaning the teacher roves from classroom to classroom on a cart because there are not enough classrooms. Deer Park is in need of an elementary school that is safe for our students and can accommodate the growth. Building a new elementary school is the largest expenditure for Deer Park School District, however is eligible for $2 million of state matching funds.

Pre-K through 5 Plan

The plan is to build a new elementary school that serves grades 2-5, creating space at Deer Park Elementary. Deer Park Elementary would then have enough space to add ECEAP/Pre-School and serve Pre-K - 1st grade.

New Elementary School Rendering, Grades 2-5

Conceptual Rendering for a new elementary school

Home Link is Growing!

Our Home Link program has grown in population over the past several years and we need to look for space to accommodate their growth. Our Home Link students enroll in enrichment activities and our currently out of space at the Deer Park campus. Currently, they share a space in the old elementary school with district administration and that building is 100 years old! Home Link will have the opportunity to renovate the current Arcadia building to add more offices for the consultants and create space to accommodate weights, dance classes, stained glass, survival classes, and other enrichment activities. They will also be able to update technology and the current infrastructure for industrial arts programs. Furthermore, this building is eligible for state match funds, $9 million. There would be no changes to the Clayton site.

The Home Link/Administration building would continue to serve District Administration, Special Services, and Technology.

One Home Link location is currently located at 4th & Main in Deer Park

Home Link Deer Park

Home Link Conceptual Renderings (Reception and Family Room)

Home Link Family Room

HL Family Room 2

Home Link Reception

New Transportation Center

The transportation center is nearly 100 years old. This site needs significant infrastructure improvements. Currently, the transportation center does not have internet access. Additionally, the bus drivers do not have a space for convening meetings and trainings, nor do they have a sink to wash dishes (they are currently using the bathroom sink).

Transportation Center

Transportation Center

Transportation Center

Bus Garage

Transportation office

Transportation Center Conceptual Renderings

Transportation Center Conceptual Renderings:

Transportation Center Conceptual Renderings:

Map & Road Infrastructure

In July 2023, the City of Deer Park passed a resolution to sell land to the School District in the event the Bond passes. The map below illustrates where the new construction would occur as well as the new road infrastructure that would be built to improve traffic: D Street to S. Aspen to E. Crawford

Map and road infrastructure

Conceptual Rendering of Deer Park High School's Athletic Complex (to be accomplished with existing funds, not additional levy or bond): The Varsity Softball field & the Press Box/Bleachers are in progress!

Athletics Complex