Publication of Student Likeness or Work

Information Regarding Consent for Publication

Throughout the school year, students or student works may occasionally be highlighted in District publicity, publications, or public relations activities in an effort to promote district and/or school events and achievements. For example, students may be featured in community newsletters or various media to train teachers and/or increase public awareness of our schools. Examples of “publication” include newspaper articles, TV or radio broadcasts, websites, DVDs, posters, newsletters and brochures.

Consent for the Deer Park School District to publish a student’s likeness or work (without identifying the student) for promotional or informational purposes is assumed unless a parent or 18-year-old student completes and submits form 4000rf, Refusal for Publication of Student Likeness or Work in the Media. Form 4000rf can be downloaded by clicking the link below or from any school office – please return the form to the advisor or to the school office where your child attends.

Assumed consent for publication does not include the use of materials that specifically identify the student. In the event that personally identifiable information is to be used, the appropriate release form, 4000cf – Consent for Publication of Likeness in the Media, must be signed by a student’s parent or guardian, or by the student themselves if they are 18 years of age or older, and returned to the student’s school office.

Downloadable consent or refusal forms:

CONSENT for publication of likeness or work of an identified student


REFUSAL for publication of likeness or work of a non-identified student


While always attending to student privacy and confidentiality in an appropriate and professional manner, it is important for parents to understand that Deer Park Schools may release student information in two ways without parental consent. Consent to publish a non-identified student’s likeness or work (for purposes stated above) and consent to release student directory information are assumed unless parents/guardians revoke such consent on an annual basis using appropriate forms. The forms available for download above are related specifically to the publication of a student’s likeness or work.

If you wish learn more about release student directory information or wish to revoke consent for release of directory information, you may visit the district’s Student Directory Information page. Deer Park Schools operate in compliance with both federal laws and state laws related to disclosure of student records.