Teaching & Learning

Asst. Supt. - Educational Services


Staff working in the Teaching & Learning Department support all schools in the Deer Park School District the areas of curriculum, assessment, instruction, evaluation, and professional development focused on best practices.

Annually, the department oversees materials review and adoption processes and state and local assessments, while also engaging in program evaluation. As it pertains to all of the aforementioned, Deer Park seeks to work collaboratively with teachers to support the instructional program of the district and maximize student learning. Staff leading these efforts endeavor to provide necessary leadership and support in the selection of core instructional materials, ensuring chosen materials align with state/national standards, building professional learning to ensure deep implementation, while also helping to administer and analyze district-wide/state assessments.

The department is committed to ongoing collaboration with staff to provide relevant, engaging, and purposeful professional growth experiences and to ensure teachers and principals have the resources and training to accomplish building goals.

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