In Deer Park Schools, we understand that technology has become a basic tool in many life and career experiences; it is also a key to lifelong learning. We are working hard to ensure that technology is integrated into learning and teaching experiences.

A tool for learning:
Technology provides a catalyst for change in the way student and teachers interact in the classroom. Technology is not a curriculum, but a tool used to support students in their acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to achieve many learning outcomes. Used to maximum effect, technology allows for a transformed learning environment where all participants – students, staff and teachers – interact as both learners and teachers and can participate actively in the educational process.

Preparing students for a competitive, global world:
Proficient use and knowledge of technology is vital for students to make the transition from an educational environment to a competitive world, increasing their ability to function in and contribute to a technology-rich society.

Using technology to improve both learning and operations:
It is imperative that our schools adequately fund and maintain sufficient levels of technology to seamlessly integrate it into the learning and communications. The technology department’s goal is to maintain and support high-quality technical systems, while providing on-going staff development, to realize the full potential of technology throughout our school system.

Electronic Resources & Network Usage
Information and forms about electronic resources and network usage can be found in Policy 2022, under School Board/District Policies/2000 Series.

Internet Access and Internet Speed In Deer Park

Take a moment to learn a little about “bandwidth” and Deer Park’s connection to the Internet by clicking the following link – UNDERSTANDING BANDWIDTH

Using Your Cisco Phone