Accessing and Using the Cisco Voicemail System

  • When using your Cisco phone, simply press the “Messages” button.
  • If you are calling from another phone or from outside the district to retrieve messages, call your extension and when the voicemail system answers, hit the * key –  you will be prompted to enter your the extension (the last four digits only).
  • Enter password then press #.
    • The mailbox summary tells you how many new messages you have, and if any of them are urgent.
    • Press 1 to play new messages.
    • Press 2 to send a message.
    • Press 3 to play old messages
    • Press 4 for setup options
  • While playing a message the following commands are available:
    • Press 1 to restart play at the beginning
    • Press 1 4 to play the previous message
    • Press 1 6 to play the next message
    • Press 2 to save the message
    • Press 3 to delete the message
    • Press 4 to slow down the message
    • Press 6 to speed up the message
    • Press 7 to rewind
    • Press 8 to pause / resume play
    • Press 9 to fast-forward
    • Press # 4 to reply to sender
    • Press # 5 to forward message
    • Press # 9 to play message properties (caller, date & time)
  • After the message has finished playing the following options are available
    • Press 1 to replay message
    • Press 2 to save message
    • Press 3 to delete message
    • Press 4 to reply
    • Press 5 to forward the message
    • Press 9 to play message properties (caller, date & time)

Changing Your Voicemail Password
You must enter a password to access your voicemail box. Your password may be 4-16 numbers or letters, but you may not use # and *.

  1. Press Messages.
  2. Press 4 3 1 for change password.
  3. Enter new password then press #.
  4. Reenter new password then press #.

Recording Your Name
When someone receives a voicemail message from you, they will hear your Recorded Name, followed by your message.

  1. Press Messages.
  2. Press 4 3 2 to record.
  3. Wait for the tone and state your name (you may also want to include your title and/or extension number).
  4. When finished recording, press #.

Recording a Personal Greeting
Your Personal Greeting is what others will hear when they call and reach your voicemail. There are several types of greetings:

  • Standard greeting: heard unless another greeting is active
  • Internal greeting: heard only by on-campus callers – optional
  • Alternate greeting: set this greeting when you go on vacation or want a different greeting for a period of time
  1. Press Messages.
  2. Press 4 1 for change greetings.
  3. Press 1 for standard greeting, 2 for alternate greeting, or 3 5 for internal greeting.
  4. On the alternate greeting you can set it to expire at a certain date and time.
  5. Press 1 to record a new greeting, or 2 to use the default greeting
  6. Wait for tone, then start to speak.
  7. Press # to stop recording.

To Transfer an Incoming Call to a Different Number

  1. Press the “Transfer” soft key under the display screen
  2. Press the ‘*’ key
  3. Dial the extension that the call should be transferred to