Deer Park School District is thrilled to announce that Michele Miller, principal of Arcadia Elementary has been selected to participate in the Mastering Principal Leadership Network, a cohort of exemplary principals chosen to share their success and foster leadership behaviors that inform and support effective principal practice throughout the State of Washington. The principals from around the state were selected by the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) for their demonstrated leadership, promising practices, and evidence of positive results.

Over the course of the next 2 years, the AWSP will convene the 60 school principals (20 elementary, 20 middle level, 20 high school) selected from across the state on three separate dates to engage in a professional learning cohort. Why did AWSP decide to form this network? Their premise is simple:  increase the awareness of best practices in our state by identifying and gathering the most effective school leaders, collecting gap-closing strategies for all kids, then disseminating those strategies in and across all educational stakeholder organizations. In their time together, the cohort will focus on the following topics/tasks:

  • Collaborating on equity-focused best practices making a difference for kids
  • Engaging in a teaching and learning stance with highly effective leaders
  • Accessing resources of School Leadership Collaboratives in other states (IL, IN, MO, WI)
  • Leveraging the expertise of the Center for Educational Effectiveness
  • Maximizing OSPI data analytics on the highest performing schools
  • Informing the state on high-yield strategies with the greatest impact

We are incredibly proud of Mrs. Miller’s contributions to Deer Park throughout her 18 years of leadership in our schools and the incredible impact she’s had on an entire generation of kids. We are not only excited that Mrs. Miller will have the opportunity to share the great things going on in Deer Park, we’re also excited about the prospect of her returning to our district with exemplary practice being implemented in schools around the state. Deer Park Schools will be the recipient of some incredible information about how schools are helping ALL students succeed. Congratulations Michele!




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