At this time, schools in Deer Park plan to return to in-person instruction tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 16 (students in the gold group will be back in classrooms).

The Colbert weather station presently shows an AQI number of 270, which is still in the “very unhealthy” category, but that’s a good distance from the number that approached 500 on Sunday evening and Monday morning. The fact that the outside air quality will most likely remain in the “very unhealthy” category for the next couple days means we’ll need to keep kids inside buildings for the entire day – see guidance below from the Washington State Dept. of Health regarding air pollution and school activities.

As you’ll see in the chart below, it’s not recommended that we have kids spend time outside until the index drops below 150. Building principals will keep an eye on the AQI at the Colbert station, which can be found using the following link –

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