We’d like to have you join us on Thursday, May 31st (at 6:00pm in the DPHS theater) for some dialogue about safety and security in Deer Park Schools. There are a number of things we’d like to share about the ways we’re increasing safety and security for students and staff. We continue to update our processes and procedures related to safety and security and there are some significant facilities changes we plan to make going forward as we respond and adapt to the increasingly violent threats that put our schools at risk. As part of the evening, we’d also like to hear what you’ve got to say.

Some of the updates we’ll share allow our schools to be more proactive, identifying and mitigating potential threats before harm is done. Other improvements we’re implementing help us better notify staff and students should we encounter a potentially violent threat in our schools. Please plan to come and learn about what we’re doing to increase school safety, get answers to your questions, and share your thoughts and ideas!



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