Who Serves on the Board of Directors?

The Deer Park School Board is comprised of five directors elected by Deer Park voters – each to a four year term. Four of the five directors in Deer Park represent a “director district,” while one member of the Deer Park Board is elected “at large” (that is, the seat is not tied to a Director District). Click on the following link for district map showing Deer Park’s director districts:  DPSD Director Districts

What Does a School Board Do?

The list of School Board duties is lengthy, including hiring the Superintendent, making decisions on property, approving contracts, authorizing bids and expenditures, approving school budgets, approving curriculum and issues related to personnel.

The authority of individual board members is limited to participating in actions taken by the board as a whole when legally in session. Board members do not assume responsibilities of administrators or other employees. The board or employee is not bound in any way by any action taken or statement made by any individual board member except when such statement or action is pursuant to specific instruction and official action taken by the board. All business of the School Board is conducted in open public meetings except for matters involving property or personnel issues. Simply stated, it is not the job of the Board to manage schools, but rather to oversee that schools are managed well.

Deer Park Schools Vision and Mission


Ensuring the future by inspiring excellence.


Deer Park Schools will provide excellent educational opportunities for all students, maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality instruction, high expectations, and positive relationships. This work will be carried out in a safe and respectful environment, rooted in family and community values, and focused on inspiring students to excel in a changing world.

Priorities for Progress

Like all school boards, we are focused on helping our district provide very best educational experience for the children we serve. That said, we are committed to connecting our decision making and goal setting processes to the work in classrooms and the outcomes we want for our children.

While our system is collecting more data about kids than ever before, we’ve rarely used it in ways that help deliver intended outcomes for students. Identifying, analyzing, and discussing the data in Key Performance Indicators is our commitment to taking a proactive and progressive approach to traditional governance and strategic planning.

Participation & Accessibility

The public is always invited to attend school board meetings. In fact, public participation and interest is a hallmark of successful school systems. Public comment can be made by filling out a “Public Comment Form” and presenting it to the board clerk prior to the meeting. The Deer Park School District does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to these public forums. Should you require any reasonable accommodation to enable you to attend and/or participate, please contact the school district office at 464-5500. We request at least 48 hours advance notice for special accommodations.

Unless otherwise noted on a board meeting agenda, regular meetings of the Board of Directors are generally held at Deer Park School District’s Board Room and Training Center, located inside the old Deer Park Elementary building located at N. 428 Main.

Next Board Meeting

October 10, 2022

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The meeting on October 10, 2022 is a “work session” – board work sessions allow board members to engage in professional growth, study difficult issues, gather and analyze information, and clarify issues related to policy and procedure. Work Sessions are held in the district office conference room and are open public meetings as are all meetings of the district’s Board of Directors.




School Board Information


Looking for board meeting dates, agendas, or previous meeting minutes? Perhaps you’re looking for board policies and procedures? Click the appropriate button below.

(director map HERE)

  • Greg Schuler
    Greg Schuler

    Area 1:  Greg Schuler

    Board member since 2015  ||  Term expires 12/2023

    Click link below to send Greg an email

  • Lindsay Lofstrom
    Lindsay Lofstrom

    Area 3: Lindsay Lofstrom

    Board member since 2021  ||  Term expires 12/2025

    Click link below to send Lindsay an email

  • Carri Breckner
    Carri Breckner

    Area 4: Carri Breckner

    Board member since 2007  ||  Term expires 12/2023

    Ms. Breckner presently serves as Vice-President

    Click link below to send Carri an email

  • Eric Keller
    Eric Keller

    At-Large Director

    Board member since 2007  ||  Term expires 12/2023

    Mr. Keller presently serves as Board President

    Click link below to send Eric an email

  • ReBecca Fouts
    ReBecca Fouts

    Area 2: ReBecca Fouts

    Board member since 2020 ||  Term expires 12/2025

    Click link below to send ReBecca an email

Board Calendar for 2021-22