We’re pretty lucky here in Deer Park – we’ve got some amazing teachers that work with our kids. Last week, May 2nd – 6th, was Teacher Appreciation Week and we wanted all of you to know how much we appreciate the hard working and dedicated professionals here in Deer Park, we hope you do as well.

Each year, Teacher Appreciation Week gives us a chance to pause and say, “I appreciate what you’re doing; thanks for making a difference in the lives of our kids.” Each building in the district did something a little different to show support for teachers, ensuring they feel appreciated for the vital work they do each day. From where I sit, I believe it’s important for our community to know that I’m proud to work with a phenomenal team of educators here in Deer Park. Great things are happening in your schools each and every day!

Fact is, each and every one of us can point to THAT teacher in our life who believed in us, inspired us, and helped us be our best. So often, it’s the hard work teachers do behind the scenes – the work no one ever sees – that enables them to be that special presence in a student’s life. As I told teachers last week, there are few absolutes when it comes to education, yet one of them is this: There is a positive and direct correlation between high quality teachers and student success. Let us not brush aside this opportunity to remember that teachers play a central role in the lives of our young people; the often serve as the heroes our children need. Without a doubt, the work has never been more challenging and yet our teachers continually rise to the occasion!

Don’t forget to tell the teachers in your life how much you appreciate their work!

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