As DPHS athletes hit the gridiron, court, field, course, and mat for the 2017-18 school year, we want to take this opportunity to clarify the policy regarding ticket pricing at “gate events” (sports like football, basketball, and wrestling). Gate receipts at athletic events have long provided a source of revenue to support various ASB (Associated Student Body) sponsored activities*.

Tickets can either be purchased at the gate of any event where a gate fee is charged or at the DPHS main office during regular business hours.

$6.00 Adults
$4.00 Sr. Citizens (65yrs) & student w/o ASB (includes visiting students)
$2.00 Middle school students w/ASB

In addition to single game pricing, Washington State law allows for ASB officers to establish an optional comprehensive fee that may be used throughout the year for any combination of events (excluding playoff events). It is important to remember that Deer Park passes are only good for home events; DPHS athletic event passes are not valid at away events were a gate fee is collected.

$100.00 Family Pass: Includes all family members for all home events
$50.00 Single Adult Pass: Issued to one adult for all home events
$35.00 Sr. Citizen Pass (65yrs) – issued to one senior citizen for all home events



*ASB monies include donations made for the support of the ASB program and fees collected from students and non-students as a condition to their attendance at any optional, non-credit extracurricular event of the District. ASB revenues help finance and sustain great programs for students. Current students, with the assistance of school staff, annually develop an ASB operating budget with projected income and expenditures. While this activity is a legitimate and practical learning experience for students, it forms the basis for all future budgetary decisions. Students are involved in the collection and approval of budget requests. Coaches/directors and advisors provide realistic requests to student groups through the ASB advisor. The student government group is provided with the necessary information to make informed fiscal decisions.

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  • Snow

    So if we are a high school students from Deer Park would it be $4 plus of ASB card?

    • admin

      Either $4 w/out ASB or free with ASB.

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