The city of Deer Park has started two major road projects that will have an impact on traffic around school district buildings. The project to resurface Weber Rd. (in front of DPE and DPHS) will impact everyone getting to and from these buildings for the next couple weeks.

More specifically, there will be limited access to parking lots at Deer Park Elementary and NO access to parking lots at Deer Park High School on Monday & Tuesday, August 19 & 20. If you are planning to visit Deer Park High School, you will need to park at Arcadia Elementary School on “D” Street and walk through the ballfields to access the high school.  The resurfacing of Weber Rd. should be a fairly quick project and city officials are committed to doing everything in their power to see that this project is complete before the start of the school year.

The City will also be resurfacing Main St. in front of the District Office/Home Link building – this project, however, also involves digging nine or ten inches into the substrate to provide a longer-lasting repair. Please count on access to the District Office/Home Link building being a bit difficult for the month of September.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause staff and families and we appreciate your patience, but look forward to these improvements to local roads!

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