In the mid-morning hours of Wednesday, Sept. 13th, we learned of the incredibly tragic and horrific news that students at Freeman High School had been shot in an active shooter incident. As DPSD officials received news of the shooting, building administrators at every building were informed and worked to ensure that our school buildings were on heightened alert.

Shock, anger, and sadness – these are our collective reactions to this senseless violence. We ache for the entire Freeman community as they deal with this tragedy and we offer our full support to those affected; of course, our thoughts and prayers are with them in this difficult time.

The safety of our students is priority number one and we appreciate your partnership in remaining vigilant to protect the children in our community. While these deplorable acts so often seem to happen randomly and without warning, I want to assure you that our schools have a comprehensive plan in place that maximizes safety for our entire school community. Our school safety plans are reviewed and updated annually and the processes and procedures are practiced regularly. In fact, in just two weeks we’ll engage in our district-wide safety and security day. On Tuesday, September 26th, school staff, in conjunction with local law enforcement and emergency response personnel, will engage in open dialogue with students about responding to a violent threat while also emphasizing process and procedure in such an event. We encourage you to share some dialogue with your child(ren) about the things they do and things they hear on this day.

Should you have questions or concerns, now or in the days ahead, please know that your input and feedback are valued.


Travis Hanson

  • Gloria J Warnick

    My best thoughts go to the families of the Freeman School District! I am so sorry you are experiencing this!

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