Election season is upon us once again – Election Day is on November 7th, 2017. Ballots were mailed to registered voters on Oct. 20th, and you have until Election Day to submit your ballot. It is the hallmark of our democracy that local, state, and federal government is made of up people elected by its citizens; these elected officials are charged with shaping policy and enacting law that reflects the will of those citizens. Unfortunately, despite being possibly one of our most important rights, voting is amongst the least exercised.

The choices we make with our ballots have an impact on just about every aspect of our lives from our schools to health care to homeland security – voting is an incredibly important right, and one that should never be taken for granted. By taking the time to inform yourself of the issues and candidates and casting your vote, you are making your voice heard.

Please take a moment to review the published Voters Guide for the November 7th Election.

If you are not yet a registered voter in Washington, you’ve missed the deadline for the November 7th election. However, in just a few months (February 13th, 2018, to be exact), you will have the opportunity to participate in a special election to consider Deer Park School District’s Educational Programs and Operations levy. Don’t wait – register now!

Need to get registered to vote? Use Washington’s MyVote App.



There are two Deer Park School Director positions on the November 7th ballot, and while each incumbent is running unopposed, please remember the work your local school board does on your behalf:

The decisions made by the school board affect virtually every important aspect of local schools, from boundaries to bus schedules, curriculum to clubs, funding to field trips.

  • The school board hires the superintendent, the “chief education officer” of the district who is responsible for managing the district’s operations and oversees all district staff.
  • The school board sets the priorities and adopts the budget that determine how millions in federal, state, and local tax dollars are spent.
  • The school board sets goals for student achievement and evaluates progress toward those goals.
  • The school board decides how school boundaries are drawn and whether schools are constructed or closed.
  • The school board sets the policies that determine which courses and programs are offered and what texts, tools, and technology are purchased.

Everyone – not just parents of students – has a stake in the success of public schools. When schools are strong and students succeed, everyone benefits.

  • Good schools are good business – they attract employers, strengthen the local economy, and enhance property values.
  • Good schools ensure our students will be prepared to keep our nation competitive in a global economy.
  • Good schools keep the American Dream alive with an opportunity for every child to receive a world-class education.
  • Good schools keep the quality of life in a community high by producing citizens who pay taxes and obey the law.
  • Good schools teach students from all backgrounds how to live and participate in our democracy.
 For more about Deer Park’s Board of Directors, CLICK HERE.



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