On Thursday, August 18, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm, Deer Park High School’s commons will be the site for the WSDOT’s second public meeting regarding proposed safety improvements to US 395. The purpose of the meeting is to answer questions about the funded project. The DOT will deliver a formal presentation at 6:00pm. WSDOT encourages viewing the documents on the project website prior to attending the presentation – http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/planning/Studies/US395DeerPark-IntersectionStudy.htm. Citizens in attendance will have the opportunity to provide comment at the conclusion of the formal presentation.

Over the past few months the Washington State Department of Transportation evaluated intersection-related crashes at several locations on US 395 in the Deer Park area. In the five-year period, 2010 through 2014, there were 65 crashes at the five intersections in this 3-mile stretch of US 395. As part of the study, WSDOT engineers worked with the community to develop lower cost alternatives to improve operations and safety at these intersections.

Input, collaboration, and modifications resulted in the following project, which was programmed into the Department’s 2017-2019 budget:

  • Construction single lane roundabouts at Short/Main and Monroe/Crawford.
  • Restricting turning movements at Burroughs/Dalton to allow only northbound US 395 right turns on to Dalton Rd.
  • Paving Short Rd. from US 395 Short/Main intersection south to Burroughs Rd.

Assuming the project receives legislative approval, design work will begin in July 2017, followed by construction in 2018.



ReBecca Fouts
WSDOT Eastern Region, Traffic Project Manager
(509) 324.6559

Larry Frostad, P.E.
WSDOT Eastern Region
Assistant Traffic Engineer
(509) 324.6194

Project Website:  http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/planning/Studies/US395DeerPark-IntersectionStudy.htm


US 395 Deer Park Intersection Improvement

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