Board Appreciation

January is School Board Recognition month and we would like to say a heartfelt “thank you” to our Deer Park's Board of Directors for their time and service in support of kids and public education in this community. School Directors play a vital role in the governance of our schools and devote many hours each month to making difficult decisions in this non-paid (elected) public service position. They are friends, neighbors, community members, and parents at your school who are the voice for this community as we carry our mission and make important decisions about the policies and procedures that define day-to-day operations.

Within the bounds of the education laws in our state, school board members work to ensure that the unique challenges, qualities, culture, and circumstances of the community are reflected in the ways your children are educated.  The job of these five individuals is complex and challenging, requiring dedication and commitment to the education of ALL the children in our schools. In fact, given the challenges we've faced in recent years, the work has never been more thorny and complicated.

It takes a huge team of dedicated individuals to successfully navigate the day-to-day in a school district - our administrators, teachers, paraeducators, bus drivers, food service workers, maintenance and facilities staff, and secretarial staff all contribute in significant ways to improving the lives of kids. But in January, we ask everyone in our schools and in the community to take time to thank a school director for the time and effort they invest in our school district. Thank them for the hours they spend in meetings, for reading through countless policies and procedures, for the careful thought and effort they invest in setting a strategic direction,  and for working hard to select and evaluate district leadership. Thank them for making difficult decisions on your behalf as they work to create the best educational environments for your children and grandchildren. Thank them for listening to your concerns. It's often work that goes unseen, but the fact that it often happens "behind the scenes" in no way diminishes its importance. We appreciate our Board!

Deer Park’s Board of Directors:

Area 1:  Craig Phillips

Area 2:  Rebecca Fouts

Area 3:  Lindsay Lofstrom

Area 4:  Carri Breckner

At Large:  Eric Keller