Science project with 2 kids

Begins May 1st through June 1st.

Please return all circulation library books during the month of May. The last day to checkout from the CL and DP circulation libraries is Thursday, April 20th. 

During the month of May return any curriculum materials you are No Longer Using, and checkout new items for summer and fall. Your account will then be renewed until Sept 5th.

The resource room will be closed after Fair Day on June 1st. 

All instruments and electronics will need to be returned before summer. Please return them the last day of class or bring them to the resource room. Guitars, violins, ukuleles, keyboards, microscopes, Chromebook, DVD drives, etc., all need to be returned  by the last day of school on May 25th. 

Please return all academic track textbooks to your teacher on the last day of class or return them to the resource room.   

Thank you!