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What is GRIT?

grit (noun) 

courage and resolve; strength of character

Grit is “sticktoitiveness;” a diligent spirit; the nagging conviction that keeps you pressing on when it’d be easier to give up. 

Angela Duckworth, whose TED talk on grit has been viewed more than eight million times  was teaching math when she noticed something intriguing: the most successful students weren’t always the ones who displayed a natural aptitude; rather, they displayed grit. 

The best way for kids to learn grit is from watching their parents. You can tell kids what you want them to do and how you want them to act, but the real lesson is in how you act.

Easy ways to teach your kids grit: 

  • Do One Hard Thing a Year

We must allow our children to tackle one challenging yet interesting task each year and see it through to the end.

  • Follow-Through

Kids need to follow through on their commitments no matter how hard it gets.

  • Make a Legitimate Effort

You can’t do the work without DOING THE WORK!

  • Teach that Failing is Okay

Talking to your kids about your own failures will help them understand that it is okay to fail, and they will see how people can problem solve and bounce back.

  • Help Your Child Find a Passion

As children grow older, allowing them to pursue an interest they have chosen themselves will help motivate them to engage in the hard work and perseverance needed for success. 

Find out how gritty you are by taking the Grit Score Quiz https://angeladuckworth.com/gr...