Spokane Regional Health District

Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) has identified a measles case in Deer Park, within Spokane County. There are also active measles outbreak investigations being conducted in Clark and Wahkiakum Counties. Measles is a highly contagious and often dangerous viral infection, which is preventable with immunization.  At this time there are no confirmed cases or exposures within the Deer Park School District, and we are working closely with SRHD to be prepared in case of such an event.

About Measles and the MMR Vaccine
Measles is spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or shares food/drinks. It can also be spread to those sharing the same airspace as someone infected with measles, via airborne respiratory droplets. Symptoms usually start with a fever, runny nose, red eyes, and cough, followed a few days later by a rash that starts on the head and spreads downward. Measles symptoms usually appear 10-14 days after exposure but can range from 7-21 days. If you think you or your child might have measles, call a healthcare provider immediately. To avoid potentially exposing others, do not go to a clinic or hospital without calling first.

According to SRHD, the best protection against measles is to get immunized with the MMR vaccine. This vaccine is almost completely effective (97%) in protecting exposed individuals from measles infection. The MMR vaccine has been in use for nearly 50 years in the United States, and reports of serious side effects after vaccination are extremely rare. If you choose to immunize your child, please provide documentation of this to your school nurse. You can receive this immunization from your primary care provider, some pharmacies, as well as from the County Health immunization clinic that will be in Deer Park sometime in the next two weeks (information to follow).

 If you have questions, please reach out to your school nurse or call SRHD’s Communicable Disease Epidemiology program at 509-324-1442.

More information from SRHD here: https://5il.co/2fd23