DPSD is excited to announce the board's selection of Dr. Alexa Allman as the district's next superintendent! Click the following link for more information - https://www.dpsd.org/article/1070118
about 2 months ago, Travis Hanson
Superintendent Announcement
Thanks to all who took a few minutes to participate in the board's Superintendent Search Survey. We greatly appreciate the over 400 responses and the important information shared. If you would like to see a summary of the information we received from this community and our staff, click the following link: https://www.dpsd.org/article/1052892
2 months ago, Kayanne Harper
Thank you
Due to some dangerous weather conditions this winter that required us to close schools, we've made some changes to the 2022-23 school calendar. Click the following link to learn more: https://www.dpsd.org/article/1030332
3 months ago, Travis Hanson
Calendar Changes
Deer Park Schools will be CLOSED today. We've got some treacherous road conditions and several (blocking) road accidents throughout the district. Please be safe out there!
3 months ago, Travis Hanson
School is Closed
We're going to see some bitterly cold temperatures in the mornings both tomorrow and Friday! Please bundle your children up - especially if they're walking to school or waiting outside at a bus stop. More information at the following link - https://www.dpsd.org/article/1012155
3 months ago, Travis Hanson
Dressing for Winter
Report cards are now available for parents to view in Skyward Family Access! Never been in Skyward Family Access? Need more information about how to log in? Click the following link for more information - https://www.dpsd.org/article/962090
4 months ago, Travis Hanson
Digital Report Cards
Don't forget to get signed up! A quick reminder that on January 25th, DPSD will host a Family Forum Evening with the goal of sharing some important and timely information with parents. Presenters will share about the increasing prevalence of fake Fentanyl, some pitfalls of social media use and student "oversharing," and finally, we'll provide some updates about the district's plans for dealing with significant growth in and around Deer Park! More details are available at the following link (as well as a link for sign up) - https://www.dpsd.org/article/948370. We look forward to seeing you in the DPHS theater on January 25th!
5 months ago, Travis Hanson
Family Forum
We had law enforcement (SWAT) in close proximity to our school buildings this morning. We were informed that officers were working to take an individual into custody. School buildings were put into SECURE status and we had extra adults outside ensuring safe arrival for kids. The issue has been resolved.
5 months ago, Travis Hanson
Deer Park School District unveils new communications platform! Visit the following URL for more information - https://www.dpsd.org/article/947066
5 months ago, Travis Hanson
Mobile App
New 2021-2022 Athletic Event Ticket Pricing! Check out the news article for more information
over 1 year ago, Deer Park School District
The week of May 3rd is Teacher Appreciation Week. Each spring, we get this opportunity to recognize and say a heartfelt “Thank You!” to the dedicated teachers in our schools who work to educate and inspire our children.
over 1 year ago, Deer Park School District
New information regarding face coverings. More information can be gained from the Dept. of Health document below. https://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/1600/coronavirus/820-105-K12Schools2021-2022.pdf
over 1 year ago, Deer Park School District
Congratulations to our Seniors! 2021 Graduation Ceremony at DPHS 6/12/21
over 1 year ago, Deer Park School District