Calendar Changes

The most recent weather-related school cancellation, our third school closure this year, requires that we add another day to the school calendar. This also means Deer Park's last day of school would be scheduled for Tuesday, June 20. We are unable to have school on Monday, June 19, as that day is Juneteenth – a new federal and state holiday.

It's probably safe to say that we would experience incredibly poor attendance if we asked kids to return for a half-day of school on Monday, June 19 - but, for the aforementioned reasons, it's not an option. That being said, asking kids to come for a half day on Tuesday, June 20 (after a long three-day weekend at the end of the school year) makes good attendance even less likely. We've been thinking creatively about the best approach to this make-up day.

Thus, in an attempt to make good use of our 180 days of school, and in a desire to have the last day of school remain on Friday, June 16, we’ve made the following modifications to the school calendar - please note that these changes will impact the traditional conference week schedule.

  • Wednesday, March 29:  Half-day for students, conferences in the afternoon and evening (also, school will start at the regular time - no one-hour late start)
  • Thursday, March 30:  Half-day for students, conferences in the afternoon and into the evening
  • Friday, March 31:  No school

In the simplest terms possible, we’ve moved the half-day that would have taken place on Tuesday, June 20 (last day of school), to Thursday, March 30, previously a non-student day. This allows the last day of school to remain on Friday, June 16. However, teachers also need ALL the conference slots that were available on Thursday in order to meet with all families – this is the reason for moving from a full day to a half day on Wednesday, March 29.

If you have any questions about any of the changes described above, please feel free to reach out to the main office of the school your child attends. We look forward to seeing you at parent/teacher conferences in just a few weeks - you'll be hearing more from each of the schools (or your child's teacher) about conference scheduling within the next week.

Finally, a new 2022-23 calendar has been posted to the district website - this new calendar includes all the changes mentioned above:  2022-23 Revised Calendar.

As always, we appreciate your flexibility and support!